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  • Void

    Hey found a glitch in void when the party leader kills the boss on a floor he can go to the next one without it taking us or allowing us to follow him.
    screenshot of glitch

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    I recall this bug from CS. The reason it has not been fixed is because after several testing attempts, the devs could not trigger the bug themselves, preventing them from figuring out what exactly causes it. Unless we can find that out, the devs will still be at a loss.


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      Good god they cant trigger the bug lol any everyday player knows how to trigger this bug intentionally. Its simple.


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        Basically what it is a person splits from the group.
        If someone if someone goes up while the party lead is still loading it can cause them to split from the group. If you load up after the boss has been killed you can't go up.
        So all party members need to be present on the floor hence why you link when you come up each time. If you don't then you're likely going to be stuck with nothing.
        Sucks, but it works. Let the leader load first or have the leader go up last, but it's best if the party leader is the one fighting that they go up first as the minute timer starts as soon as you go up.