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[Promotion] Anniversary Apparel

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  • [Promotion] Anniversary Apparel

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Name:	anniversary costumes.png
Views:	1
Size:	126.8 KB
ID:	1756156

    Duration: 9/4 - 9/10 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers

    Description: It's NA Crystal Saga's 3 Year Anniversary and there's a hot new set of clothes in the Item Shop! All outfits are available for 399 Crystal a piece, with top items selling for 199 Crystal a piece. Get them before they're gone!

    Outfit Stats
    • HP +5%
    • All Attributes +5
    • Attack Speed +5%
    • Luck +2
    • Strength +5
    • Endurance +5
    • Hit Rating +2%

    Top Stats
    • MP +5%
    • MP Regen +5
    • Casting Speed +5%
    • Intellect +5
    • Agility +5
    • Heal +2%

  • #2
    we gonna be ninja's???
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    Server: S59 Riggie, S68 Yangin, S64 StarFrost
    Wings: Divine Wings
    Weapon: Immortal Aug
    Pixie: Celestial Stage
    Mount: lvl 20 Jiyaori- lvl 20 kyuubi

    Spawn Off DeathDealer and AngelBlade

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    • #3
      Kind of a cheap way to try and trick people into buying the same costume twice R2- Illusionist Clothing


      • #4
        lame thought they pic a cooler one


        • #5
          oh come on reminds of good old times


          • #6
            ah lol exacly wen im out crystal's -.-


            • #7
              Its cheaper then last time. I like it I am sure some of the new players would like it too.


              • #8
                Of all the costumes that r2 would bring back, they brought back this.

                I can now die in peace... wait, I don't even have xtals.... gg.
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