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[Announcement] New VIP System – What would you like to see?

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  • The New VIP system may contain : [1] A special (VIP) Leveler Pack! The pack can contain a random amount of crystals, Green/Red/Black Dragon coins, Epic Items, Epic Pets, Epic Rides {these can be timed, but I & fellow gamers will like full ones! :P), Epic items(weapons,armor etc.)<not shards>, VIP extension card (if not bound is good!) etc. [2] Charges of limited amount for on battle healing!!! [NEW!] [3] Chance of attaining epic skill for self and pet on level completion in VIP mode. [4]Movement speed percentage BONUS! [5] BONUS attributes on level up in VIP mode. [6] VIPs get a GUILD bonus(of say 1 point) for everyday logging in in VIP period! [7] VIP mode can have time being shown & can be activated and deactivated like AFK mode and gets auto deactivated in AFK mode!

    R22535106! :
    New id : Mamma Mia @ Belas Chasm <currently playing>
    Older id : Batcat @ Glacial Planes <play from time to time>


    • my sugestion for new system vip is:

      1.add more skill point more bonus
      3.more gain lvl (at least 2x exp)
      4.more attempt for bath and ladder


      • Edicius

        Whisperwind Beach

        I would like to see a new VIP only dungeon with access to drops such as Ethereal Wings, Greater Mount Upgrade Tokens etc. For paying a monthly fee I believe that it would only be right for the users to have access to more in game content.

        Also for paying that monthly fee a store discount would be a nice addition, perhaps an additional 5-10% off of the gift packs or something like that.

        I would like to see the ability to fuse more soul shards or have a daily way to gain more of them for VIP users. I can't speak for everyone but I'm 1616 soul shards away from finishing the Ice Soul Tree right now and let's say from fusion and ladder I can expect 8 soul shards a day minimum, with a maximum of 10 depending on the group I go to ladder with. Even at 10 soul shards a day that's 162 days in a row that I have to get 10 soul shards every day and at 8 soul shards a day that's 202 days in a row that I have to get 8 soul shards a day which equates to around 5-7 months of my life that I have to spend trying to fill out the last of the Ice Soul Tree that I already have @ 10-10-10-10-8-8-7. In short; a faster way would be nice.

        I don't think we need more AFK time... I would in fact like to see the game change in a way that would move the users away from using AFK mode all together unless they had something to do IRL and turned it on for grinding purposes. I say this because right now in a lot of aspects of the game we pretty much just use the AFK mode because there is entirely too much going on for us to handle it all manually.

        I would also like to see 2x exp tokens become the bottom tier for exp multipliers. 1.5x is a waste of good coupons and As of right now you can not use them in AFK mode anyways. So my idea for VIP users would be 2x exp bonus all the time. And my Idea for everyone would be 2x exp tokens from coupons with 3x exp tokens and 4x exp tokens available through the store and dragon hunt.

        This is being posted in the wrong thread for some reason, Though I would still like to have it seen by a GM.
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