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[Announcement] New VIP System – What would you like to see?

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    new VIP system additions:
    - Bonus Ladder run
    - Bonus Soul Root Crystal Exchange (7 times a day)
    - Bonus Training Ground run
    - Pet Bunny egg in Item Shop
    - Purified Crystal in Item Shop
    - 10 free auto revive a day
    - Damage Immunity Aura (first 10 minutes only once inside Guild Resource Battleground)

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      ive been VIP for a very long time, and i like the current set up,

      if i was to suggest anything, i would say to Add a Special VIP Guild Quest List that only VIP members could access, to add to the daily 20 Guild quests and you can do a Extra 10 Guild quests via the VIP Guild quest list or just increase the daily Guild quest limit to 30 for VIP members,

      perhaps add something for those VIP members that have been VIP for a certain period of time (E.G 5 months of straight VIP) like a Title that gives bonus's. for example: 5% extra on all of the players Stats, something not overpowering but at the same time gives something for players that have been VIP for a long time.

      Maybe a VIP Seed of life, only has 1/1 but can give Coffee seeds or white jade only.

      theres lots of things that could be added to VIP but, theres the problem of if you add to much it could be to much of a advantage against non VIP players

      Thanks for your time,

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        Original post by (S19)SaintHugo

        Well the current VIP system is good but it could be better suggestions:
        #1 exp modifier make it x2 instead of x1.5, since at Higher lvls it really necesary to have more exp for Grinding sesions.
        #2 instead of giving 4 green dragon crystals, gives 2 greens and 2 reds since, DIVs(day in vidalia) now have a chance for Green coins.
        #3 Special VIP afk mode, for example while in AFK mode if a torch spawns the character stops moving around so it can actually receive the torch's blessing and if possible stops consuming afk time while doing so also 1 additional hour.
        #4 make the extra attempt for delivery cost silvers and not crystals like it currently does.
        #5 additional bath and training attempts would be nice.
        #6 4 cupons per hour instead of 2.
        #7 Better enchanting chances for VIP
        Character: (S19)SaintHugo
        Server: Whisperwind Beach

        I have been a VIP user for a month, so its a real suggestion

        I agree with this suggestion
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          1. Receive 800 crystal each month.
          2. May participate in GMUT exchange and enter the fire girl regardless of event status.
          3. Receive 3 bonus dungeon attempts per day.
          4. Make 2 extra coupons per hour.
          5. 3x character experience.
          6. 3x pet experience.
          7. 1 Red Dragon Coin.
          8. Receive 3 hours of AFK Mode time per day.
          9. 15% discount on all items in Item Shop.

          Character: (S6)Spore420
          Server: Windshear Peaks


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            i would like to see the daily green dragon coins changed for vip players to red or black
            more coupons and more crystals for buying the vip
            possible extra 2 training runs and bath and a stat bonuses

            aurora point


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              I got few ideas:

              - We get a ViP pack everyday we log on, which could contain similer items to DiV pack, but better items.

              -We get 1 soul shard when we log on.

              -ViP members have a 5% increase on all stats.

              -ViP members have a higher chance for a torch to spawn.

              -ViP members get goddess comfort quest/rewards even if that event isnt on.

              -ViP members may have a ViP only quest which will give exp/gold.

              -ViP members get a scratch gem coupon per day.

              -ViP members have a 5% chance per day when logging on recieve a morph crystal x1 or something.

              -ViP members can do 5 redemptions.

              -ViP only bath/ladder.

              Thats all I can think of for now - thank you for reading.
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                My suggestion is that you can replace 3 or fewer additional soul shards a day, that soul that is still a differential.
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                  Best idea would be to enable players to custom VIP.

                  Lots asking for increased exp but really that isn't needed by myself (and lots of others). Lots of VIP players will be maxed out Lvl wise because of moving on up event.
                  I would suggest making an addition of say 10 new benefits where each month players could choose say 3 from the 10.
                  e.g I would love stuff that gives chance for more soul shards but not exp. So I would choose extra daily exchanges from src if it was an option over 2x exp.
                  Probably too much work but would stand best chance of mass appeal imo.



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                    1. Receive 2x Offline exp token(x2) each day. (or more if 2 sounds a bit low)
                    2. Maybe when you first get VIP, you may recieve a VIP pack? --
                    -Red Dragon Coin (x5)
                    -Heroic Wings (x10)
                    -Mount Upgrade Token (x10)
                    -200 Crystal
                    -Golden Fruit of Honor (x3)
                    Maybe items like these in the pack?
                    3. Recieve 5 more runs in Dungeons.
                    4. Maybe a Daily quest only for VIP?
                    5. Maybe a Seng. for VIP?
                    Not sure if these where suggested... didnt read many of the posts...

                    Current AFK time is allright, could use another hour though.
                    Current bonus exp is fine with me.
                    Extra wishes are awsome.
                    Green Dragon Coins are cool, but like others suggested, Red Dragon Coins would be alot better.
                    My ideas on the current VIP system.

                    Thanks for reading.
                    IGN: Smore
                    Server: Nebulan Ridge
                    Server - Nebulan Ridge
                    Name - Smore
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                      - 2/3 more attempts for forging soul shards
                      - 1 free master repair per 2/3 days
                      - Increased drop rate
                      - Armor sets exclusive only for VIP
                      - 1 more attempt for ladder and bath
                      - 1/2 free resurrections per day
                      - Exp boost should not only affect exp by grinding but also from doing dailies or quests (EXP Boost for quests should be lesser than the exp grinding boost)
                      - 5% discount for all items on the cash shop
                      - Access to the 3rd page of vault
                      - An exclusive area for vips which has special mobs that gives better exp than outer grinding spots
                      - Additional items in the coupon shop for vips
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                        I like VIP just the way it is now
                        IMO its balanced already

                        But heres some suggestions:
                        - Higher price when sell things to NPC and Cheaper when buy from NPC (Discount)
                        - More gold gained from events like Seed of Life
                        - VIP event
                        - 2X more coupons or more AFK time
                        - Free teleport or ability to sell/buy/repair at dungeon entrance
                        - VIP buffs
                        More importantly, please remove VIP status from name (personally, its annoying)

                        Mount Nubina


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                          Able to fuse 7 soul shards instead of 5
                          Able to fuse 3 green dragon coins into 1 red dragon coin: 3 red coins into 1 black coin
                          3 attempts to do training instead of 2
                          3 bath runs instead of 2 - or vip bath for 1.5 more exp
                          Can activate x2 exp once a day, includes x2 for pets (in conjunction with x1.5 exp)
                          Lvl4 vip delivery that costs silver and not crystals - Lvl6 vip delivery will still cost crystal
                          2 additional runs for escort/plunder
                          And x1.5 drop rate

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                            The VIP is good alrdy

                            But i think the important thing, must add an pack that give random item from mall
                            1 pack / day hehehe...
                            Pack VIP : Receive 10coupons + 1 Lucky pack(random item from mall)

                            Glimmering Plains


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                              Additional Soul Shard Exchange
                              Ability to enchant gear to +15
                              Reduce wishing well tosses to 10 or 8.
                              Ability choose between collecting coupons or 1x offline exp tokens for online time.
                              5% or 10% Discounts in the Item Shop
                              Ability to exchange Item Shop items back for 50% crystal value.
                              Increase Dragon Crystal drop rate.
                              Exchange 1000 coupons for 1 Enchanted Skill Dust Available once a month.
                              Choice to combine dungeon runs. Ex: Run 5 vault runs at once and have 5 bosses spawn at once time.
                              A NPC to teleport to every available dungeon, not just the first 3 like what the winners of LG get. Or at least add the newer dungeons to that teleporter.

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                                What I've liked so far with existing VIP:
                                ** Bonus +3 hours AFK time (total of 4 per day instead of 1)
                                ** Bonus +3 dungeon runs (total of 8 per dungeon per day instead of 5)
                                ** Monthly Crystal equivalent to VIP price (800)
                                ** Bonus +7 Fountain wishes per day (total of 12 per day instead of 5)
                                ** Some Events having attempts or exchanges for VIPs

                                Existing VIP elements that need some work:
                                ** The bonus +2 Green Dragon Coin per day could be changed to +1 Red Coin per day and +1 Black Coin per week instead, because the Daily quest "A Day in Vidalia" can give Green Coins as a reward now.
                                ** The +1 Bonus lvl6 delivery should not cost crystal for VIPs ... A "benefit" is not a "benefit" if it still costs money in order to receive said "benefit".
                                ** The current +1.5x bonus Player+Pet Exp is fine ... But Exp only matters until a certain point for players and those players aren't able to completely benefit from this bonus once they reach a certain point. It would be nice to have options to change the bonus exp distribution such as ...
                                For Example, a VIP-only NPC allowing the VIP player, at any time, to change how their Exp bonus (which currently is a total of x2) is allocated between the player and pet. The Exp bonuses could be treated as perm toggle buffs instead of static passive abilities. The choices of distribution could be something like:
                                (A) Player Exp: 1.5x -- Pet Exp: 1.5x
                                (B) Player Exp: 2x -- Pet Exp: 1x
                                (C) Player Exp: 1x -- Pet Exp: 2x

                                Possible Additions & New Features:
                                ** When possible, ALL future Events should have bonus attempts and/or exchanges for VIPs
                                ** +1 or +2 Bonus Seed of Life per day
                                ** +1 Bonus Ladder run per day
                                ** +1 or +2 Bonus Training runs per day
                                ** +1 or +2 Bonus Bath attempts per day
                                ** +3 Bonus Soul Shard exchanges @ Tree Of Life per day
                                ** +1 or +2 Bonus Redemption attempts per day
                                ** +5 Bonus "A Day in Vidalia" Daily quest attempts per day

                                Crystal Shop 5-10% discounts and/or multiple new & worthwile options in the coupon section of the shop for VIPs would be great to see too.

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