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[Announcement] New VIP System – What would you like to see?

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    For VIP, I would also like to see:

    1.5x Drop Rate for items
    1 extra Blessed Bath and/or Training
    1-5 extra Daily quests (Day in Vidalia, Daily Hunt, etc).
    1 extra daily crop for Seed of Life

    ign: (S1)Alexmancerx
    server: Aurora Point
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    • Server: Aurora Point
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      What i like about the old version is:
      1) extra dungeon runs
      2) bonus AFK time
      3) And delivery.

      My Suggestions are this:
      1) change the 2 free green dragon coin to 1 red dragon coin.
      2) extra soul shard exchange.
      3) a new daily sign-in pack for VIP. (can contain any good item for upgrade or lvling) (can be up to 15/15 just like the regular sign-in event)
      4) increase the amount of coupon that VIP players receive every hour (3 coupon per hour would be nice)

      The only thing I dislike about the old one is that
      1) I didn't find the extra wishing helpful.

      Other suggestions:
      1) Give VIP players extra advantage over weekly events. (like what you did "Handmade Gifts" and "Multiple Experience" last 5/10/2012)
      2) Don't change the 1.5x exp. (please remember that not all players like to spend money on the game and if you make the exp higher, it might cause them to leave the game)
      3) Don't Add extra Ladder or Bath run. because it would also cause too much advantage over non-VIP players. instead maybe just add extra redemption quest and Training ground)
      4) Don't give VIP upgrade boost or lower cost ( again please consider the non-VIP players that populate the servers)

      Server: Rinulka Peninsula
      IGN: xFaberz


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        Some of the suggestions so far are really good and others .. only good if you're a lower lvl or higher lvl ..

        My ideas are similar to some of the others so I'll just say the suggestions I like best are:
        1. Instead of 2 extra green drag coins change it to 1 red.
        2. VIP discount on addtional Xtal purchases .. or an added VIP bonus pack for every Xtal purchase.
        3. 2-3 extra daily soul shard exchange with the ranger elder
        4. Small boost to chance of success for any hatching, upgrade, or enchantment.

        Additionally I beg of you please don't take away the extra dungeon runs that VIPs get. That is the most valuable portion of VIP membership for most of us.
        Server: Bearpaw Vally
        Name: (S26)Bewberella
        Class: Knight


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          I) VIP clothing. The new clothes that are about to be released on July 4th; the best submissions should be limited to VIP players only - Only VIP players can purchase them, but anyone can wear them. They should be non-gift able too, ensuring that only VIP or ex-VIP players can use them.
          II) Bonus coupons, claimable from King Valcroy in addition to military salary (+3 coupons).
          III) Highlighted name in chat. VIP players are easily identified in the world chat; when they enter a message, their name can have a different colour.
          IV) VIP Seng. This is an L3 Sengolia only accessible by VIP players. In theory, L3 Seng should be all the strong players/cash players.

          Server: Aurora Point
          IGN: (S1)Sylvos


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            I'm not a VIP as I haven't paid ever for this game ( just putting it out there )... but if I did......

            I think I would like a VIP Lounge..... which is pretty much the guessing game area.... random torches appearing... annoucement that a nimbus crystal has spawned in the VIP lounge.... random treasure boxes popping up or that beer table type thing ( if ya want a drink ) you know kinda like reliving previous events and chill out with other VIPs.....

            Might start paying for membership.....

            Windshear Peaks
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              i think dungeons adjust to 5x2, VIP players + % exp. and VIP can be bought in Items shop. example: 1 day VIP, 3 days VIP, 30 days VIP with appropriate crystal price

              Server: Sukemo Bluff


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                Dungeon 8x a day
                3 Dragon Coins per day
                5 SS per day(Open for 5 hours)
                Receive 1200 Crystals
                Costumes for 7 days

                I hope my suggestion will be useful


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                  3 Coupons per hour instead of two. As someone above stated, ^ VIP can be bought in the Item Shop. Example: 1 Day VIP, 3 day VIP, 30 day VIP. Those would both be nice(:
                  Server: Crimson Groves
                  IGN: TeddyBear
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                  Guild: Inferno

                  Level: 3x

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                    i suggest more loot of SRC in bath and receive more soul shard in ladder. i also suggest that instead of 1.5x exp make it 2x. then remove the payment to the delivery quest. and lastly changeable color of VIP logo.

                    IGN: WhyMe
                    Server : (S39)Erie Marsh
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                      The VIP system would be more greater if you can add these:
                      *2x exp instead of 1.5 exp
                      *More coupons each hour (3 or 4)
                      *Better % chances in enchanment equipment and upgrading wings and mounts
                      *A daily VIP dragon coin pack, containing 1 green, 1 red and 1 black dragon coins
                      *More crystals (900 or more, up to you R2team)
                      *One attribute reset card (Bound, of course) per VIP activation and renovation.
                      These are only ideas, the final result is totally your call , R2 TEAM

                      IGN: Shanoa
                      Server: (S31) Tree of Life
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                        1. Increase the salary rewards for a VIP Player
                        2. Maybe more attempts to Day in Vidalia, since the rewards are nicer now
                        3. More Seed of Life (Lvl 60+) for VIP
                        4. Maybe 1 or 2 more Redemptions for VIP players
                        5. A Personal dungeon for VIP players
                        6. A Special VIP Battleground

                        IGN: Resiist2233
                        Server: Aquatic Crypts


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                          Maybe a 1.5x drop too, also like a 3 extra day in vidalia attemps, an extra daily event like daily sign up for VIP would be nice by last an flying carpet for a day too have fun

                          IGN : Prohealer
                          Server: Bloodfang Village


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                            I have a list of things i have to say!

                            1) 5-10 More A Day in Vidalias
                            2) Has higher % rate of catching a morph/ or morphing like 5%
                            3) Make friends list higher, like 150-200 etc
                            4) Higher % to upgrade wings/mount, Only like 5% higher
                            5) A title, that says I'm a Very Important Person
                            6) 10 Extra Chances of daily hunt
                            7) 1 VIP Coin, to spin on a VIP Dragon Hunt.
                            8) +10 Extra Coupons from Salary Pick Up
                            9) 1 or 2 Extra Redemption
                            10) New VIP Skill
                            - Does an AoE damage
                            - Looks like Healing Wave, but its an Attack
                            11) Can synthesis Muts and Heroic Wings

                            That is all for now

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                            Character: Miek
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                            Level: 86 Scion


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                              just an idea, why not creat a daily/ weekly quest only vip can join, but may be join with pt, so that everyone who don't have vip will have to seek vip in order to do that quest, and may be vip receive double the exp from that quest or more prize than no-vip


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                                I like the old just change green cons to red or black thats all

                                IGN: PHeM
                                SERVER: exenden realm