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[Activity] Warrior’s Call

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    This is a cool event, it's not the best but by no means should this be thrown aside like some piece of trash.
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      Oh wow now this is a good one. At least that means i can get my ummm complete golden savage set XD


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        to Game Master

        Game Master

        I already push the LIKE button, but why not can Boxing Bear



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          meatmaimer you can also synthysise whit general krhan at starglade?


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            the idea is pretty awesome but the implementation at tamalan kinda rly sux....
            u get kicked when tamalan is over.... if u didn collect ur reward b4 (as in u HAVE 2 die-.-) u get nothin since u can't accept it with the reward afterwards.

            aftermath... I didn get any warriors packs from tamalan since event start coz either I get kicked b4 or I have 2 rush 2 ds n forget it.... coz I'm used 2 claim tamalan outside.
            Y can't we collect it with the tamalan reward OUTSIDE since u can't claim the reward of tamalan inside anyway ...

            not that it makes tamalan less awesome but I'm said of wastin so many silvers I could get from packT_T
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              will u plz CS make an event for silver badge???I'm now 46 and I jjust purchase 2 blue savage..
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                to bad you couldn't exchange the badges for honor


                • #23
                  Hello , Whats is this 10,000 Crystal essence???


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                    Originally posted by smurfs16 View Post
                    So screwed over by the selfish people who end it right away..

                    i think it says "STAY" for 10 minutes and you get the pack, does not necessarily mean until someone is declared winner in seng. so if some team won seng in 5 minutes you can still stay inside to be eligible for the pack.


                    • #25
                      they need a badge exchange system


                      • #26
                        Im kinda annoyed with how this works... People go into tamalan and stay at the entrance and wait out the 10 minutes which prevents other people from getting kills because everyone and their alts are afk in there... R2 should change it so they have to actually be inside the arena, moving, something similar to seng, and not just dead in the lava or some **** like that for the timer to tick, otherwise they should be kicked from the arena.
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                          Please make Item Synthesis: Bronze Honor Badge > Silver Honor Badge > Golden Honor Badge
                          Mount Upgrade Token > Great Mount Upgrade Token
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                            i wish they would make a battlefield for the low levels