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    this is impossible for the new servers thanks again for giving events that dont benefit everyone
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      Originally posted by singilbert View Post
      this is impossible for the new servers thanks again for giving events that dont benefit everyone
      Stop your complaining it's hard for fairly old servers too.

      On another note o.o That Sin boss named Pride...tell the truth she's secretly the bride of chucky isn't she?
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        too hard to ppl at lvl us too to move on in the game.the scions have all alwais. seems to me that this is a game were only the strong one wins. in alll of the quests


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          (Player In Exenden) The bosses are unfair, at least have one that can be beaten by a group of lvl 40's or 50's. No one exceptmaybe for a handful can even play at that lvl yet (lvl 88 bosses)


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            what's the reward??
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              what would we get if you manage to kill it?


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                NICE! and hollows as in bleach hollows?


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                  hye GMs
                  i would like to know if this events just for high level player or for all of the players.

                  Why im asking that stupid question? because in the server I've play seems like nobody care about that events. and the boss that appears in town just sitting there till the end of time,unless there is high level player ( scion lvl80) came and kill them. and only that guy who gets the loots. yes i've tried 2 or 3 time to kill the boss with full pt including + buff, but seems like not worth it. used lots of health orbs and the loots? very disappointed.
                  Lately lots of events that GM give us not for all the players. like Avernal Realm, if some mortal like me with lvl 6x enter and fight the boss,gets 0 points why? should give us at least 10 points cause we can hit the boss even its just 2000k. its should be fair. we cannot fight the stronger with high level . yes they can hit it over 40000k.because they already scion and high level.

                  im hopping that GMs can give us low level players some fun for next future events. to make us love this games.

                  Tq and im sorry cause my english is bad.
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                    party up people


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                      take those things off !