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[Announcement] Crystal Saga Downtime IRC Chat! 11/01

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  • [Announcement] Crystal Saga Downtime IRC Chat! 11/01

    Calling all Crystal Saga players!

    We'd like to invite and encourage all players to join us in our IRC channel during weekly server maintenances. The channel will offer a great environment for players of all backgrounds to chat, discuss and debate anything and everything under the Vidalian sun. The channel is #crystalsaga and can be found on the Quakenet IRC server. For those of you without an IRC client, you may login through webchat at Simply choose a nickname, and enter #crystalsaga as a channel. Thanks and hope to see there!
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    The chat seems to be kinda deadish lately.. but would be quite nice to be able to contact GM's live in a chat..
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    Server: (S18)Shrine of Kithar
    Plane: Eidolon
    Class: Nature Hybrid Ranger
    Level: 45+
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20 (29-03-1992)
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    Soul: 241 =.=
    Languages: English, Dutch