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[Patch Notes] 03/19 Server Update

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    Originally posted by BlazingAngel View Post
    Happy Gaming everyone. I will continue to do my thing and play the game, and help the players. And I fully expect the hate to continue to roll in. I hope that everyone can continue to find enjoyment in the game, and in the friendships that you have made on your server.
    You put too much importance on yourself, you shouldn't expect any hate to roll in because you are completely irrelevant, people that complained on this thread complained about the lack of special events, and because they dislike the direction the game is going currently in hope that something change for better in future. When I saw your long post I decided to read the last part first and with it, I'm just assume you are back to your sarcastic ways so I'm not going to bother reading the rest.

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      Originally posted by BlazingAngel View Post
      Alright, I have been quiet for a few days now. I am going to chime in again.

      Everyone seems to be under the impression that I do not understand where the players are coming from. I DO understand. I have a level 141 Eido Priest. (I just cannot be bothered to farm orders and level up LOL) Trust me, I understand the frustration. I report bugs all the time. And just so you know, we could test for weeks and still not find every bug, and shutting the game down to fix all the current bugs would not fix future bugs. Every time a patch is ran through there is the chance of new bugs showing up. No one can fully predict how a new batch of code is going to react to the code that is already in place. So regardless if they do something to fix all of the current bugs all at once, six months from now there would be the same issue all over again.

      It is your job to defend r2 and that is understandable but to come on here and criticize the players is another thing!
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        Happy Gaming everyone. I will continue to do my thing and play the game, and help the players. And I fully expect the hate to continue to roll in. I hope that everyone can continue to find enjoyment in the game, and in the friendships that you have made on your server.[/QUOTE]

        I have read your posts on other sections of CS and you seem like someone who helps but when you came on this post you were extremely sarcastic!!! and tbh sorta threw a lot of players off with it!! YES we have a right to be upset!!! I remember when they would throw good events in and some EVENTS have been ongoing since day the game started those event shouldn't be removed because it breaks the monotony in the game. and yes CS pays moderators in game xtals cool the reason I mentioned it cause of the way you came at the players!!! I understand the reasoning behind their so call fixing the bugs but that should never be an excuse as to why regular yearly events should not be placed in the game especially when players are looking forward to them!! TBH i think you missed the whole rant abt the reason why players were upset is because these events are the ones we look forward to!! with this being said R2 truly needs to get it together!!! and your last comment abt you fully expect the hate to continue to roll in like really LOL!!! Our complaint was to R2 not the mods in the game!! So I will keep posting on Forum when I feel something is wrong I have the right to do so trust me I spent a lot of money on my Toon!!
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          Originally posted by BlazingAngel View Post
          We can contact the GMs to have something looked into for you. We try to know as much about the game as we can so that we can answer your questions in the best way as possible. But we do not get to make any decisions about the game, just like you, we can make suggestions and requests, but ours mean no more than yours. And we have no contacts with the Development team. None. Period. So expecting us to tell the Devs that you are unhappy, yeah, sorry that happens to not be possible. My job, Reverie's job, Shadow's job... is here... on the forums. The forums is our home. I wish that I could say that I could go and complain to the Devs for you... but I cannot even complain at the Devs for myself. LOL Neither can Rev.

          I can tell you that the CS team is fully aware of your unhappiness. That does not mean that things are going to be different. In fact, more bug fixes, and more new events and systems have been added to the game in the last six months then ever. The team is working hard on this game. I hope that you can all see that.
          I'm about to say something cool and rant-worthy but they said they only have contact with GM's, (more like Patch notes posters) So NO. Getting in an argument with a forum mod is like arguing with a potato, all they do is spew potato stuff and delete worthy suggestions made by the community who actually pays to get this game going. And no, i'm not angry, its just my sarcastic nature.

          You know what would totally help this game? Get rid of the volunteer forum mods and force R2 staff to actually pay someone to get the heat of the community when they mess things up. Its a win-win situation, we the hateful community get to direct our anger and frustrations to the real people who get paid for it, and the volunteer forum mods dont get to receive hate mail and ask for mercy in the forums to not get it coz they are not getting paid to get heat from us.

          Anyway, I truly believe this post will get deleted in a matter of few hours, so Cheers to the lucky guys who gets to see it first.


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            Never mind found out what i was asking
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