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CS Server Merge Scheduled for May 3rd @ 21:00pm EDT

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  • CS Server Merge Scheduled for May 3rd @ 21:00pm EDT

    A server merge is scheduled for Sunday, May 3rd beginning at 21:00 EDT/18:00 PDT (03:00 GMT/10:00 GMT+8 on May 4th)[/B][/COLOR]. These servers will be down for approximately 3 hrs to allow for adequate testing, but could be shorter. The servers to be merged are:

    S79 (Shimmering Glade) will merge with S80 (Guardian's Gate).

    [S12, S14, S18, S21, S22, S23, S27, S33, S36, S40, S42, S45, S50, S54] will merge with [S60, S62, S64, S66, S68, S70, S72].

    Players on [S12, S14, S18, S21, S22, S23, S27, S33, S36, S40, S42, S45, S50, S54] will be able to claim a compensation pack after the maintenance on 4/30. The compensation pack will be gone once the server merge starts. So please make sure you claim yours before then!

    Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    After the merge the following things will happen:
    1. Each character will still have a S# marker added to the front of their name. For example, (S63)RoryWilliams on Plethurian Plains will still be (S63)RoryWillaims.
    2. All characters will be preserved, even if you have more than 3 characters between the servers.
    3. All character data will be preserved (including items, skills, pets, stats, mounts, wings, Crystal, Gold, Honor, PK rating, Nobility and VIP statuses).
    4. Guild membership, friends and black listed players will be preserved.
    5. Current quest progress will be preserved.
    6. Any items in your temporary inventory will remain; any items currently in a shop will be moved to your inventory.
    7. Dungeon attempts will be maintained.

    The following things will CHANGE:

    8. All data related to the Guild Showdown will be removed. Guild Showdown will restart at the normal time after the merge.
    9. All rankings will be recalculated.

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    What are there in the compensation pack? Please don't tell me it's health orb and 2x exp :|


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      wat............................................the wattttttttttttttttttt another merge................... well

      ppl from [S60, S62, S64, S66, S68, S70, S72]. server welcome to our hell#15

      here we got 2 roll-back and counting#15
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        2 roll backs within 20 days, if I may add. After the first roll back, my daily log in was reset, and at that 2nd roll back, my daily log in says 19 days.


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          No merge for S58 again? Its a dusty place lol


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            Originally posted by ChesePie View Post
            No merge for S58 again? Its a dusty place lol
            All of US West PvP servers are already merged into a single block.


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              finally a merge for s79 and s80 this will be fun thanks r2 we love you


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                so your plan instead of fixing a failing server you going to merge it with more so the rest go bad too?


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                  omg ya merging us with 7 more servers!!! Guess more issues for us SMH
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                  Life too short to live with regrets


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                    seems lag and crashes not enough for us.. oh, well, bring them on more people, more crashes, more roll backs

                    Welcome to Twilight Zone where a day never complete just keep on rolling back..
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                      Plzzz Merge S81 in any server


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                        please dont merge s81 with older server but u can merge s81 to s82
                        IGN : (S73) ErrenJagger
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                        ---//---(S81) Danis
                        Server : (73) Green Plains
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                        ----//----(S73) 64
                        ---//----(S81) Scion
                        Spouse : (S70) FallenAngel

                        -------------//--------------YOU CAN HATE ME BUT I CANT HATE YOU--------------//---------------


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                          Maybe the separation is the problem *.*. Nah, imagine.
                          Anywho, welcome everyone =]. If you got any questions, concerns, fears, or just want to check how things go, can always give a visit or whisper me(S23 Cureroso).
                          Have fun x).
                          [hint: No killing in gold buff room if at all possible(chamber 9) please :x xD. As an example.]


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                            S73 is maintance ?


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                              Well...Merges means that there'll be more people on the server hehe great for dead servers...not soogood for the live ones >, .< ....SG L1 is gonna be soo laggy for ya.
                              IGN: (CS1) (S80)Tannlaus LV178 Eidolon Rogue
                              Prom I wings... so expensive... especially if you keep forgettin corrupt :D
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                              If you wanna know why I went with a Rogue well... Stealth is good for lurking in chat while still runnin through SG :cool: