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  • #16
    says "no payment methods available on your country" when im trying to get vip...fix it asap!!!


    • #17
      oh well guess no more cashing form me for yall greedy people good way of giving the finger to your players hey R2 57 pound for a 4k crystal pack ye right awesome joke R2 but not fixing much and
      wanting more money from the players oh well nevermind more money for my self i guess


      • #18

        i cant find molpoints in cash system in philippines


        • #19

          i cant find molpoints in buying vip in cs now, can someone tell me why ?


          • #20
            for vip 30 days with pay by mobile 19$ woow


            • #21
              At first I dont give much attention to this new payment method until...30 min ago when I try to renew my VIP..and guess?
              What?? No MolPoint in payment method? seriously? Why dont r2 give a notice about MolPoint no longer in your contract?
              after UGC not MolPoint. Please r2 if u can consider to put back MolPoint as payment method because thats the only way I can use to renew VIP and buy crystal now i can't enjoy this game cause I cant buy crystal and renew VIP.
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              • #22
                subscribing for VIP with MOL (money online)

                I've been using MOL money online with my transactions with R2 Crystal Saga, mainly for crystal and have subscribed last month June for the VIP. I've successfully paid and received for a crystal with the MOL service but I can't seem to find a way to subscribe for a VIP. Now, I can't seemed to re-subcribe for this month if I can't use MOL service.

                I do hope MOL is still in connection/service with R2 CS, as I've already cashed in my rL money for MOL points and only now need be paid for a VIP subscription.

                Another question: if in case my VIP run out, but I did subscribe for the month of june, is my toon still eligible for the VIP subscription pack?

                Sorry if this thread isn't in the right section.
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