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Forum Event: Feedback Frenzy

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  • Forum Event: Feedback Frenzy

    Event Duration: December 5, 2015 - December 7, 2015

    Event Description: The holidays are upon us and what better way to embrace the season than with a keen ear, our keen ear. From December 5th through December 7th, the developers will be taking feedback on Crystal Saga in this thread. And the best part is? A gift pack will be sent to [select] players who provide thorough and constructive points, so don't forget to include your character name and server along with your post.

    Feedback Format:
    • Pros:
    • Cons:
    • Suggestions:

    >> Please follow the provided entry format. Off-topic posts will be removed.
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    Crystal Saga Feedback:

    The game it's very balanced and nice, and with the lot's of systems you never get bored of the game, so everyday you have to do something the best part of the game are the daily dungeon's which we players love, there are allot of different event's which we can participate in and have alot of fun and get reward for doing so with items we need to grow stronger, the community it's very friendly and with the world chat available for free to anyone this makes the best experience you can get into the game by interacting with other's, so overall this is a game for all ages which keep's the players around and happy.


    The game systems are nice and give's us something to do so we are excited wen they come out so we like them but since all the system icons are placed on the main interface this is a game killer we have suggested many times over to be all placed in a main window with all of them or be given the ability to hide them at least, but we never got any of them. We have given allot of suggestion's to the game but no one ever takes a look at them and we never get a response and wen we rarely do we get told that we need allot of support for our idea's to even be send to the developers which is ridiculous since just few players ever visit the forums and the community its quite small for the game, so that will never happen so even if we get 100 votes that will not be enough support even tough that would be like 70% of the community (the numbers are just hypothetical). And the last one is that the bug's take allot of time to be fixed and we don't even get a proper response about if they are fixed or not for example the last one with delay on server, log in bug, and extreme lag took 3 weeks to fix so now the servers are almost empty since 60% of the player base has left the game at least on my server it used to be full and happy everyday now you see 1 person here 1 there quite empty.


    Take player base more seriously and listen to our suggestion's in the Suggestion's sub forum, please make it available to hide the icon's, and now for my personal suggestion that would be to make beastmaster's have some options for them in the afk system for the summons like don't summon in the middle of the battle if the summon will die and use life pact to heal it and so on, also most of the games have a card collecting and card summon system so why don't we have one? Would be nice if all monsters in game would have a Card that would drop and we could collect in a book like system and we could use use them to get specific buff's and summon them to aid us in battle or something similar, of course there would be rare premium card's and legendary normal grades and so on that would be so cool and we would love it and like most players out there that would like this kind of system i would spend a bit on it to get my colection done and get all the cards in game also wen you complete few stages we could get extremely rare kind of rewards for exmple wen we have 50% of the card's and so on that would be cool .

    Name: (S58)RandomApple

    Server: (S58)HollornCliff (Hope it spelled it right)

    Thank you for this kind of event.


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      Daily events:Void, Corruption, Fate. They really help players who don't have the money to work on their character.

      Token exchange: The versatility that it gives players is nice, they can chose what to upgrade or focus on with tokens. However, I will touch base on this in the cons.

      New Events: Wrangle, Public dungeon, both of these really help players a lot with the cash systems who normally would have no chance at upgrading. Tenets and heraldry for example. Even adding to the dragon coins was great for tenets, but there is still room for improvement.

      Design of PvP events: These events can really be a joke. Lets say a player drops $1000 dollars to support your game. They can literally sit in an event like, public dungeon, sengolia, guild land grab, and PREVENT players from leaving. This is terrible because it kills the community, easily making cashers and non cashers quit.

      Bound, bound, bound, and here have some more BOUND: The title of this is self explanatory enough, the fact that you guys made roses a 1 time exchange per day was a HUGE blunder. Just because you can't handle mall does not mean you should kill the ACTUAL players that play. Find another way to target mall and not the players.

      Casher empowerment: This is huge and I don't expect it to get fixed at all with you guys, but I thought I would point it out. If you were just slightly more inclined to making this game more helpful to free players, it would have a larger community. I'm not saying you have to make cashers weak, but just make some things farmable.

      Token Events: Boring and repetitive. Yes, it's better then having no events, but I would prefer the old events you used to give us like four leaf clover, anniversary fireworks, and greater mount exchange.

      Add more resources and reduce the bound: Empowering cashers and hindering the free to play is not the way to get a good community for a game. Put rose exchange back on unlimited per day, and find another way around dealing with mall. Rose exchange is how free to play get the crystal they need to up cash systems. IF WE WORKED HARD TO GET ITEMS, DON'T MAKE THEM BOUND. Why in the heck would I want BOUND divine blood for killing a boss that hits for 3.5 million damage. NO THANKS, I would rather have the option to sell. PLEASE make items in VOID all unbound, CORRUPTION all unbound, PUBLIC DUNGEON all unbound. These events ARE NOT easy and players deserve to be rewarded more for completing them.

      Remove the tokens and get back to your old event roots: Sure tokens are nice... compared to not having any events at all. Go back to giving us the events we would play all week for. Four leaf clover was an amazing event that seemed to have died off. This years anniversary was garbage and bummed out many players. If you go back to fireworks you will have players on all week playing and thanking you for those events. Go back to your old events you used to do and people will understand why this WAS a good game the first year it came out.

      Fix PvP camping: Add a 5 second invincibility moving buff to all pvp events after death so they can at least leave the event. Having to log off your character for and hour or sit there until the camper decides to leave, sucks for anyone.

      Add a "global" icon: Way too many icons in this game that take up screen space. We need an icon that contains all those icons in them so players with small screens can actually play.

      These next ones are just little fun suggestions that I don't expect to go anywhere, but would be fun to see.
      Auto run dungeons: Yes for those players who work full time and go to college full time like me. It would be fun to have a way to auto run dungeons and have loot put into our inventories that we would have gotten or had a chance to get. Really would make it so much easier to keep up with people who appear to have nothing better to do then to spend 12 hours a day farming dungeons.

      Copper to iron discs: LOL, I do not expect this to happen at all, but I wanted to put it out there. Putting copper discs reversible to the 100 iron discs in wrangle.

      Remove limit on golden chests obtainable on L6 trove: Yeah everyone has too many gold keys then they know what to do with, make them useful.

      Name: (S60)Shujinko
      Server: (S60)Exigent Bluff
      I don't expect to get any rewards all I want is for them to actually read something players post.
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      What are bugs?


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        Public Dungeon

        Pros: Good rewards! Got both pvp and non zones which is kinda nice! Chance for players to get fate shop items! Even low stat players get a chance on good stuffs! Can make a party!

        Cons: Takes 2-3min for loots to get available for loot! Those who die spawn again insta in the same floor making it laggy!

        Suggestions: Since i understand your intentions regarding Free for all i won't suggest to remove it all( Which might been the best option since whoever kills should get the rewards) but i would suggest to make the
        rewards available instantly so that those who actually fight the mob got the most chances to get rewards! Also it gonna make the event run faster!
        Also i would like to suggest those who die to be respawned on 1st floor of the event as a penalty and not exploit the spawn zone and sit dead until boss dies and then respawn and go then steal from the efforts of those who actually faught with the mob! Also by respawning on first floor stops the spawnkilling that happens on L10!( For this to work you need to make points that we get for passing a lvl one time only!)
        Also remove from the dungeon tab! It's an event not a dungeon!
        Also mobs should do aoe damage since all players challenge a mob alltogether!


        Pros: Good pvp event with lot of rewards! Can also party which make it even more interesting!

        Cons: Free for all loots! Spawn insta after dying!

        Suggestions: Either remove free for all or make rewards lootable instantly, cause the way they are can be exploited just to steal em and lose the purpose of pvp and killing the mob! For example knights use
        angelic/rogues use their own skill that they can't be hit for 3-4 sec just to steal loots and leave! Also when killed they spawn and come back instantly which lose the purpose of dying since there's no
        penalty! So set a timer not able to move for 10sec after dying!

        Charm - Crystal Exchange

        Pros: It's the only way that makes this game actually free to play as it's mentioned on R2's description of Crystal Saga!

        Cons: Limited exchange of 11crystal per day is too low!

        Suggestions: Increase the limit of the exchange! Add VIP extra exchanges!


        Pros: All the rewards that are described for a month on a low price! A good way to contribute to the game and be rewarded!

        Cons: Outdated! Need more stuff added to make it more alluring for buying!

        Suggestions: Extra corruption run!
        Extra charm-crystal exchange!
        Extra Evil beast dungeon run ( Supposed to have 3more dung runs as per description already)

        Treasure Trove

        Pros: Pvp , A lot of rewards

        Cons: Only 2players can benefit from rewards on L6, 3attempts on gold treasures is low , quest almost impossible to be completed(300mob kills/100player kills)

        Suggestions: Add more treasures on L6 maintain 1per characrer lootable!
        Add 100+gold treasures on L6 make 5-10 available per character!( too many gold keys no use for them)
        Drop the amount of kill required to complete the quest- Give a good reward upon completion!(Divine/Promethean Feather, Pearls)

        Magic Mine

        Pros: All can do it! Good rewards!

        Cons: Free for all , respawn area, stone harvest time, restricted movement speed

        Suggestions: Either remove free for all function or make rewards instantly lootable!
        After dying respawn on Starglade (Can still get inside, helps not to spawnkilled by the mob, Avoids taking advantage of other players work to just steal rewards without helping)
        More mobs (Preferably some that can be killed easier for low players too)


        Pros: One of the most interesting addons that made at the time! Can work on it and still do something else with your char! Good benefits! Fun!

        Cons: Abandoned! Since Drumstick costs too much even cashers don't touch it!

        Suggestions: Drumsticks farmable there's no other way for it to get moving again! Drumsticks actually able to bought with coupons! Another think that just staying idle!


        S33: Kraken Beach


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          -I like this game alot. There must be a reason (tho I dont really know what) I keep coming back to this game even after multiple attempts of quitting.
          -I like how this game is a browser game. I use mac for college purposes and there are not many games that are available for mac. I know people will just say that I could just bootcamp my mac and stuffs like that but my laptop is already pretty old as it is. Its even struggling to let me stay on cs 24 hours so I dont want to bootcamp it and watch it die just yet cos obviously college students are poor.
          -I like how we can go on multiple accounts at a time. Helps alot to grow our toon in a free way. But I heard we cant do that on client?
          -I like how R2 tries to put in more contents to cs so people will be more inclined to play.


          -I noticed that the recently released R2 client is only for windows. So, if one day R2 decides to not do browser anymore, I wont be able to play anymore either? After investing so much time and some money on this I dont think I'd be very happy if that happens
          -Report button doesnt seem to work. Sometimes there are players who says rude, racist and sometimes hurtful or offending words to others and the most sensible solution is to report them. But when we click the report button nothing seem to happen. Yes, we can file a ticket to report such players but it takes some time to process and when it finally gets through, it will already be too late to address the issue or implement consequences. (sometimes nothing even happen after filing tickets)
          -The restriction on charm to crystal exchange was disappointing. I think you could make like 5-10 exchanges per day so it is still restricted but still do-able.
          -There are too many new systems that the lower leveled players cant even try out yet.
          -Screen covered in icons, making it harder to play.


          -Please either make the client available for mac too or dont use it...
          -Would be nice if we could actually play cs on our phones or tablet.
          -Make the report button work. I say if someone gets like 20-25 reports in an hour span, he/she will get muted for say an hour or 2.
          -Slow down on implementing new systems
          -Do something about the icons (i.e. group them together).
          -Basically agrees to all the suggestions made by the players above.
          -I hope you guys do listen to us.
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          IGN: Rin
          Server: (S18) Shrine of Khitar
          Class: Ranger

          A Bruise is Not a Tattoo


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            Pros: It's a fun game with a lot of features ,with so many things you can do , it's a great adventure,getting your first mount and upgrading it ,first pair of wings ,fragarach weapon....Many people helping in events like ladder,void....And the holiday events , they are great ! Halloween, Thanskgiving , and I hope Christmas events are coming.

            Cons: It's a pay to win game, actually, you can't win anything but buying crystals makes the game a lot easier in PvP and PvE,not many PvP events and ofcourseee..... Mall MMO....Players buying MC EW G mut Fragarach shards and other stuff making them a lot stronger, it is better than buying crystals , but some people can't even buy crystal .... The only way of getting crystal but not with real money is charm > crystal got nerfed.. Only 10 crystal per day? Cmon.. I wanted to get the Thanksgiving hat (299 crystal) I bought around 430 roses from players and when I came to fountain

            Suggestions:Make more space in game like removing some icons and making a feature where u click on something and it opens a list of icons...Many people asked for that already .....
            Please make it again unlimited charm > crystal...
            Put more items to get in Iron treasury, Iron disc and Copper disc item
            Higher level gem drops in dungeons , would be great to have a chance to get a shinning gem in Psyhodelica or Exellorn
            AND I do know it's an American game with American time but many players are from Europe and making a server only for European players would be great , there were some versions of the game with European time , German version,French version and European version ( Saga of Hero) and I think all of them are closed / deleted ,if you make that , could we transfer our character from American server please? Thank you for reading .
            Server 82 Celestial Haven
            Eidolon Hybrid Knight
            Married with (S82)WillowFire66
            Guild:S82 Eternity, position ;Guild Master , Ieader ; S82 Mitobe
            Wings:Extreme Angel lord wings 4+
            Pets:Super Angel,Fire Lord,DeathKnight,Thanksgiving turkey and BA


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              A little input


              - The game is cute and fun, it has lots of events to take part in and lots of things to do daily.
              - Weekly events.
              - New things added quite frequently.
              - Relatively easy to level.
              - AFK system is pretty good.
              - Wrangle is great.
              - Corruption is great if you're strong enough to do it.
              - Public dungeon is good, glad that you get points for just going to the top floor as it's way too laggy for me to kill mobs or bosses.


              - Way too many items in game are bound, this makes it difficult to make any money or progress as no one sells many things because
              everything is bound.
              - The star system on wings and mounts is ridiculous.
              - New players are put off because it's too difficult to compete with older players.
              - Too difficult to get stronger without cashing, especially now since the charm>xtal exchange has been nerfed.
              - Events are the same thing all the time, it gets boring after a while.
              - Evil Beast Sanctuary can only be done 3x per day and Essence drops are very low, which makes it extremely difficult to forge the new
              - Dragon Crystal drops are really low.
              - VIP needs updated.
              - Magic Mine boss is REALLY hard to kill, even with lots of people and then the loot drops as free for all so people just stay dead and then
              come loot once other people have killed the boss. If you have lag, you get no loot.
              - Too many icons cluttering the screen.
              - Coupon shop needs updated. At the moment I have 20 THOUSAND coupons and nothing to spend them on.


              - Hide icons behind ONE icon, or a few or make a button that allows you to hide/unhide them.
              - Update VIP.
              - Update coupon shop.
              - Make less items bound.
              - Make charm>xtal exchange unlimited again.
              - Increase drop rates for certain items.
              - Add a divine feather to promethean feather exchange.
              - Add higher gem>coupon exchange, right now the highest you can exchange is flawless.
              - Add a gem/coupon exchange x100, it's so mind numbingly boring standing there endlessly clicking to exchange.
              - Make new events, instead of recycling the same ones over and over.
              - Add more world boss spawn times, there's so many scion+ on the game doing rb quests and not enough spawn times for everyone to do
              their quests.

              Sorry it's so long. I hope everyone's posts actually get read and the feedback taken into consideration, it's the players who keep the game running and it would be nice if we actually got the opportunity to make the game better not only for ourselves but to encourage other people to come play or old players to come back.

              (S36)Mount Nubina
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                Pro: Awesome game
                Con: few issues
                1 New and improved sengolia battle ground
                2 More guild upgrading interface
                3 evil beast sanctuary needs to be same runs as other dungeons. 5/5 normal runs and 3 vip
                4 advanced pet gear in dungeons such as evil beat sanctuary and The Underdark dungeons
                5: Need a better gem exchange. For some reason we cant change our immaculate gems into immaculate gem coupon.I would suggest moving all gem coupon and such data to the gemoligist. Add immaculate exchange while your at it.
                6:We have wing exchange for everything time for promethean wing exchange.
                7:create more pvp servers
                8:the crystal exchange at the godess of fate has turned many people a little upset. might want to look into that...
                9:gaining evil beast sanctuary gear is hard enough. The celestial gear upgrade is kind of a slap in the face. If it fails it vanishes .... Really psh
                10:i can go on and on but im not goona ...


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                  New event Helpful to non cashers
                  Still fun to play
                  Still waiting for a new class
                  This system for roses. It really isn't fair that non cashers only get $35 in a whole year. With $35 a non casher has no chance to get better then a regular casher. A regular casher spends way more then $35 in a year and there is no other way for a non casher to keep up. When the rose system was unlimited there was a chance that a non casher could keep up with a regular casher. Not to mention that you did not give us any warning. I have been saving up roses to finally finish my runes and I come back with the update where roses can only be used 1 once a day. Can we at least get a week to use what we had. I remember that you did this for IOB and changed it to all bound items and people had been saving up waiting to upgrade. I feel like we should get a week to use what we had then give the system some thought. Your going to lose a lot of non cashers because they will feel left out and excluded from cashing event such as pays to consume. All in all I just want you to understand the players are finding this game less entertaining and taking away roses like that will only hurt you more. (I have more Cons way to lazy to make them though.)
                  Server: (S26)Bearpaw Valley + (S76) Karmic Temple
                  Character: (S26)Volley + (S76)HailVI
                  Level: (S26)41 Scion + (S76)79 Eido
                  Class: Rouge + Ranger
                  Marriage: Used to be Wisteria889 but she doesn't play anymore SINGLE LIFE


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                    alot stuff id like to be fixed is already listed above so not gonna go on those
                    pro: love this game and playing it with my friends

                    con: listen more what players say, we not complaining for nothing (well most of uss).
                    Public dungeon is awesome but it needs small safe area like in gr. Also like it is now, only 2-3 ppl will actually get loots and again smaller players will be with empty hands. Make another 1 for lower lvl players like its done with nether. Btw having bound mut as lvl 1 reward is good joke.
                    Wunderkinds might be nice but drumsticks are getting too pricey so all just skip it. Perfect solution would be adding drumstick on coupon tab. Many older players got tons of coupons but nothing to use those with.
                    Finally start merging old servers. Ik its alot work to do cause of so many characters there but thats what actually keeps this game going. I really dont see point creating all these new servers where handfull of ppl play for month and then quit again.
                    and so on, so on... ill be quiet for now

                    s20 Starface
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                      pros: game has a nice development systems.
                      -----daily events.
                      -----quick gameplay and system additions.
                      cons: repetitive events.
                      -----too many cash only systems.
                      -----restricted charm to crystals exchange.
                      -----free for all on the latest events is unfair for those that do the killing.
                      -----limited rewards on events.
                      -----timing of events unsuitable for the whole population of the game.
                      -----dungeons too tiring and drops are useless for the most part.
                      -----little difference in equipment among players 95% have the same eqps.
                      -----new systems and event are poorly tested before added to the game.
                      -----bugs arent fixed for years.
                      -----support is inefficient and most of the time not available.
                      -----system failures arent addressed and monitored.
                      -----too many items are bound and unable to put into vault and destroyed.
                      -----limited storage space.
                      suggestions:add more original events( even return the event you had a couple years back).
                      -----add more exchange times charm to crystal( 10-20 times would be sufficient for a daily base)
                      -----remove free for all or add a damage base reward distribution( u already have the codes from avernal).
                      -----add more rewards to older events and add more times/ char a reward can be claimed.
                      -----add more times to events since most of the players cant attend all the events specially those that are once a day and awful hours.
                      -----make dungeons to be blitzed or wipeout with a single click or even on offline time.
                      -----add more ways and different equipment to the game so not every1 has the same( preferably a crafting system that would make different eqps).
                      -----attend to the bugs that have been reported for ages and monitor your own system since when it fails its your problem and you lose players since the fix takes sometimes even weeks without any compensation.
                      -----make items unboudable and remove useless bound items from rewards.
                      -----add more vault and packpack pages or make special storage for system items(fruits, sperions, chi, heraldry, etc.).
                      -----remove the limit on the ore in mine since not every1 can finish all 5 times.
                      -----public dungeon isnt a dungeon, either make it party based or being able to run the whole day.
                      -----nether, crypt, sof, treasure trove need more times.
                      -----make guild battle attend-able by whole server, might need a few new things and maybe done two times a week.
                      -----add a pvp zone just for funs without penalties or rewards.
                      -----maybe add a second stage to soul system.
                      -----icons should be organized or even hidden.
                      -----make auras, sperions,and everything that to actually hide when u hide them to reduce lag( even better remove them all in all).
                      -----shop needs more items and specially for coupon exchange.
                      -----character shops could be set to crystal prices too(or charm).
                      -----reduce the number of new servers coming out its ridiculous to have a server for 3-4players.
                      -----gem synthesis should be faster as well as pack opening shouldnt have a cast time.

                      so far thats all

                      (S21) exhale


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                        pro's: well-balanced game. especially the events and the pvp system.

                        -ppl cashing really hard.
                        -too many items that are bound.
                        -too many screen icons, (even some of the smiley isnt clickable)
                        -loots disappear fast especially in dungeon
                        -honor badges are hard to farm, especially the higher grade badges.
                        -star system in upgrading wing and mount is kinda weird.

                        -cashing is not bad, we understand that. but the game is becoming a pay-to-win rpg as time pass by. i suggest you should put limits in terms of cashing, like really, we non-cashers, no matter how hard we try, cant really keep up with those who can cash out.
                        -yah, many bound items, especially at dragon coin roullette. to us lowbies, who dont have that such ability to farm faster, its quite hard for us to earn ingame golds. please reduce it.
                        -i was doing my IB runs and killed devoursak. then the loots scattered, i was about to pick it but then i realized my inventory is full. the loots disappeared even before i unload my bag. please make the loots last longer.
                        -pls add more daily events or sytem that will make us gain badges. bronze badges are easy, but silver badges arent.
                        -star system seems unfair. like yah, i already have 6stars and still failed horribly. pls make it more probable.
                        -ps. about the icons, they scattered in every side of the screen. even the smiley tab isnt fully accesible. i see lots of ppl complaining about this.

                        server: s89 archibald
                        ign: donquixote (ranger, lv44)
                        IGN: donquixote
                        PLANE/CLASS: mortal, ranger
                        SERVER: s90 Archibald

                        There is no such thing as "no such thing".


                        • #13
                          Enjoyable game meeting many different people from all around the world.
                          Free-to-play platform engages both cashers and non-cashers
                          AFK system was unique when introduced
                          Provides, party and guild options, includes servers for both PvE and PvP game-play.
                          Love the new mine feature even if the bosses are over-power and spawn kill everyone. Having figured out that Death Odor is the key....well...I'm okay with it.

                          ---Storage - game is overwhelmed by non-useful items that are collected on a daily basis and have to be discarded. Time consuming to collect and time consuming to destroy. ie. Fruit Tree parts, etc...
                          ---Storage - Items have different stacking rates, some are 250 per stack, others 100 per stack. Short stacks items take up more space and are frustrating.
                          ---Storage - Developers have insisted that they cannot expand storage but have added an equipment vault and recently a wardrobe. The idea that more space cannot as vault or inventory space be added is seen as a lie.
                          ---Announcements - System makes way to many announcements about everything and there is no good way to squelch it.
                          ---Synthesizing Gems - Too time consuming - seriously - a day of game play can result in 30 minutes spent synthesizing gems. Speed it up or offer a 1 pass option for all the gems of that type.
                          ---Opening packs - some packs open instantly (i.e. Vidalian Legends Packs) - others require an action and take time (Rain Packs, Corruption Packs, etc). Opening a stack of packs is downright depressing. All packs should be instant open.
                          ---Gem Exchange - not available for all levels of basic gems (i.e. perfect & immaculate).
                          ---Coupon Exchange/Gem Exchange - click click mis-click, - too much clicking thru too many menus. No undo last action.
                          ---AFK system was once the hallmark of the game...but is sorely in need of an over-haul and upgrade. Not all types of loot are handled - no purple or orange options. Does not provide any control over the TYPE of loot gained. Does not provide loot specific options.
                          ---AFK character movement - 4 years in and I still have to report spawn bugs to be manually fixed by whomever and in the meantime I might have wasted hours of AFK for no result (and no compensation). Why can't you spawn monsters in the game area?
                          ---AFK character movement - characters stays in constant combat mode engaging the mob at the furthest possible distance. When the mob dies, the character never moves to the kill point to collect the loot. Instead the character engages the NEXT mob and the next and the next. Half the loot goes to rot because the AFK script does not move the character to COLLECT the loot. Make this an option.
                          ---Lack of testing of systems prior to roll-out -
                          ---Re-using old events - Invaders is a classic. Here is how bad this is. Every spawn location is known and the mobs all the spawn at the same time and same location. These locations are all "pre-camped" by AFK alts and mains who are in partys - all the loot from the party goes to 1 player. SAD.
                          ---Totally ignoring the player base, I don't mean just a little, I mean to the point of people calling for bans on the game. Why should we PAY you to play a game and you laugh all the way to bank while ignoring SERIOUS problems.
                          ---GOTOR too weak for strong guilds, too strong for weak guilds. not enough ways for lower guilds to level up guild stones.
                          ---Forum does not display a clock to know that forum time differs from my server time and y'all are probably going to say I posted this on the 8th and not the 7th.
                          ---Moderators who are too full of themselves (if you feel I stepped on your toes just now, then it was probably meant for you)

                          ---Guild Vs Guild Challenge - allow 2 guilds to challenge each other (both register or guild leaders flag each other w/e) -A Guild can only participate in 1 challenge per day. Re-use the guild land-grab map and script - insert the two guilds challenging each other. Winning Guild earns a point. Points can be exchanged for things like quarry stones.
                          ---better afk options - loot specific items/don't loot specific items - class of items (as shown on inventory tabs quest, mats etc).
                          ---Realistic responses to problems on tickets .... it is IMPOSSIBLE to make screenshots of every item i have to prove i owned if something glitches on your end.
                          ---UNDO options for purchases, destroys.
                          ---Disable sales and destroy of ANY item with gems socketed.
                          ---allow players to "ward"/"dispel any equipment items - to prevent sale/destroy/refine/alchemize - see the elemental system - do that for equipment
                          ---better way to mass sell looted items. - too much click confirm - change levels of confirm - its currently meaningless
                          ---OMG remove the sale price from higher level FRAG weapons - are you crazy?!?
                          ---Change CHAOS wings to be destroy-able by player - really? i have to file a ticket to get this out of inventory - its been 5 years - seriously!
                          ---Change Event Master Coupon Exchange/Gem Exchange to e done by a number typed by the player rather than only 1 per exchange.
                          ---Announce top 3 Survival of Fittest winners - just like you do for every other race event (crypt, etc).
                          --- event Window - add (1/1)Daily to Rebirth Pack (please please) it really is not unlimited.
                          --- Add a teleporter to Tyria Village
                          --- Update the guild teleporter in Champions bluff to include all the areas added over the last 4 years - so that it is actually a benefit.
                          ---idea - Pet vs Pet combat - you can fight your pets against each other or against another player. Death does not lower its loyalty.

                          (S3) Wislow
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