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Opinions Collection for Crystal Saga Revision 1/20

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  • Robbay
    new jobs, don't just add new items we need spaces too vault page 3 full perhaps? or bag page 7? and also a way to hide those many buttons.... just group them in one button and make it more accesible since we play by clickin on the screen.
    and also maybe make something like ladder a way to get more SS is needed hehehe more coin? X) green red black, white perhaps? hahaha

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  • ZiLLa170
    Priest need rebuff too match up for pvp

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  • R2304347864
    *This might be much....but can you like change the appearance of each of the monsters?? I mean it's so boring seeing the same appearance of em like after every 2 maps you progress.
    *Um can you also add a hide feature on the icons like the Holy favor, Beast soul, ETC cause not many people always use it and it makes the field of view of the play smaller and for players who only got a small screen resolution it'll be very hard for them to see the field.
    *Please also add a wiki for each item where to get them and how to use them because it's so confusing.
    *Lastly is the Daily Check in... can you add a reset option of it just like the continuous log in bonus.
    That's all Thanks Devs

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  • jamheljace17
    add some new awesome skill another rebirth system guide drop rate % up on dungeon and add also new weapon on fate shop for ranger,mage,rouge,knight,priest and beastmaster
    Last edited by jamheljace17; 01-20-2016, 05:19 AM.

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  • busukla
    In-game Systems

    Please costumize icons in screen and make it in one icon that contains all other icons , it will make us as player easy to play more better because not being misclick too icons
    that block our screen , we will appreciate if you change and make the icons in one place . Thanks

    Server = S91
    Name = Sin

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  • CsBeast777
    Well here are some (already earlier mentioned) suggestions that will probs never see the daylight, but here it goes;

    - AN ACTUAL client, once you get level 15 Holy Favor, everything gets so laggy that it's not quite fun. Also when there are buncha peeps with HF auras it takes people like 5-10 sec to move, take Fairy Search and Crypt for example. A REAL client would cut down all the "fps lag" caused by effects, auras and what not. Or then just give us options to hide more stuff (Sperion, HF aura, maybe even Soul aura etc).

    - And speaking of the Fairy Search .. why is it on L1? Couldn't it as well be on a different instance that aren't full of shops already?

    - Put some immunity to Sengolia crystal, Saga of Hero used to have a 10min lasting immunity on it, or then optionally make all attacks (and frost) do just percentual dmg on the crystals.

    - In Avernal disable skills/passives that deals percentual dmg to the enemy (just like you did with Mage's Fire Wave, Fire Lord's Infernal Destruction and Blood Breaking Kill sperion combo). It's supposed to be a DPS contest event, instead of a contest of who procs Frag passives/Death Odor the most.

    - In regards of the icons, read this pretty please; or then, if not that, give us an OPTION to hide all the icons behind a single 'master icon'.

    - Give us options on more specifically what to loot (like being able to exclude fruit scrolls from being looted, etc) since currently so much 'useless' stuff alongside usable thingies is being looted by the afk mode, and so on taking a ton of inventory space.

    - If not the above, then we need more inventory - AND vault space.

    - Need more ways to obtain Mount Fusion Orbs, currently you need like 400-700k(?) stats, to be even able to farm those, and even then would take a month to get a single fusion done if farming Void daily.

    - Bring back the actually good 'It Pays To Consume' -events? Meaning the ones that rewards (G)PoWs, DE and such stuff. Nobody that I know of is fond with the Space Rocks/Destiny Essences.

    And lastly I just hope that this whole questionnaire isn't done just for the SEQUEL of Crystal Saga, cause that game....IS TERRIBLE.
    Last edited by CsBeast777; 01-27-2016, 04:59 PM. Reason: Added more stuff

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  • Zilenzer
    ALSO MAKE AN ADDON THAT DOES THE AFKING FOR PEOPLE INSIDE DUNGEON THAT WAY WE CAN JUST ENTER AND HAVE AFK MODE DO ALL THE ATTACK like example you enter a dungeon, you press the afk botton then it will do all the work for you.

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