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Opinions Collection for Crystal Saga Revision 1/20

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    give more easier in farming GMO order give more drop rate. and make new upgrade after kyuubi too long man we were waiting for it bored see pinky mount
    (K1) zaki
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    Plane: Eidolon
    Level: 164


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      It would be nice to have more events that give out soul prints and pucs, perhaps scaling exelorn down a bit so that non-cashers actually have a chance of doing the normal run.
      Increased dragon crystal drops, and more stringent follow-up on players suspected of using the mall.


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        Please make Rose to Crystal not limited please we need that little crystal r2 ;-;


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          It would be good for tradable Strange Energy Since many people cheat other players when trade not be tradable, it would also be good to accommodate the lag causing auras Holy Favor in the Client.

          Another very important point, should implement the method of payment via telephone for Venezuela, as many are in this country and we would like to buy crystal but can not for lack of this tool

          Rest everything else seems perfect very good game keep up the good work, greetings


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            -Add a system just like Flying High but for pixies instead
            -Mail Box so we can get packs without going to the quatermaster
            -New NPC models(Ex.the public dungeon envoy and the battlemaster)
            -Auction House Feature
            -Pet Auras
            -Mount rewards for Gilded Battle Stallion

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              put a hide options like hide aura s etc


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                suggestions to improve current game play:

                1. Make a merge icon where all players can hide screenfull other icons such as Holy Favor,Runes,Imbue,Tenets,Magic Tower etc. so events will be more swift for players to run

                2. Make the player hide on/off and effects on/off feature perfect, because in events like ladder,wrangle,avernel realm etc, we always lag, count the effects of HolyFavor,soul Aura, Sperion,Pixie to hide permanently ,which will allow players to run their events smoothly

                3. A teleporter in Tyria village will be awesome ^^

                4. Rose exchange for crystal was the greatest thing a noncasher could imagine, as 1, I am willing to have it back

                5. Personally review the skill bugs, some of them are still happening (example: mage fission I and fission II)


                1. Cant wait for the next Therion mounts <3 u know what i meant!!!

                2. Can we have some mount skills or speciality with cooldown effect?

                3. I have talked with lots of players,and almost all wants some npc, tht can unbound some bound items in a limited number daily, how is tht?

                4. please please please, try to increase both vault and inventory space

                5. im happy with all others, so thank you R2 for keeping us here together <3


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                  I would like to put another layer of honor for people to continue working on that and other weapons perhaps more on the characters level up to 200

                  seira island


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                    Please refrain from steering this thread off-topic. Such posts will be deleted.


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                      Unbound The Bound items,make auto quest,make some update about items images like each items are different images,let character wear their offhand equipments its unfair if the knights only can wear and show their sheilds..and make easy silver coins,add more free slots at vault because were holding more items and placing it to the vault and please add more free slotson our bags,and your taking to much gold for wedding it should be around 20-30gold only because the silver wedding ring already cost 50gold and the players character should be so fast because its hard you know to have 100 points it takes more time and add let the player make some babies but its on your team if you all want to let players make babies and have a babies


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                        how about making frag soul essence more easier to drop in RV i went thru 8 runs and didnt get 1 drop. how are we suppose to upgrade frag if we cant get the drops.


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                          You can exchange ethereal wings for divine feathers through the event master however I suggest making it so you can exchange your ethereal wings for heroic wings, AND divine feather. It's also weird being able to "attack" a beastmaster's familiar in starglade (It's minor, but it's there). Also like you have items like enchanted skill dust, or therion in the dragon hunt, make soul of ares/spirit of ares also available as one of the more rare items (especially soul of ares). It is already great you added Pearl of wisdom to the dragon coin wheel. Celestial Shards from ladder should also be able to trade for energy for holy favor. Some people said bringing back the old costumes are a good thing and it gave some the desire to cash more to acquire a costume that was there but they could not get. VIP should also have a yearly plan as well as the monthly plan of $7.99. Yearly should come with more crystal obviously, and cost more.

                          (s88) Erebus


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                            Guild Castle Battle


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                              please design a drop down menu system for in game systems! we can not use chat icons because of these system icons. also you might consider a resolution system allowing users to run game at lower resolutions to help lag on high traffic days and players at high levels, turning of the view of other players is a big pain in starglade and thats realy the only place that even works


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                                I wanna see more HW drop in RV nm instead of 1-3 per boss it should be 5-6 per boss. Doesn't R2 know it takes a long time to upgrade wings I mean come on now.
                                We need more inventory space I've unlocked all 6 pages and still running out of space there.