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    2 things, 1st, There needs to be a tab for all these icons, there taking over the screen and its getting harder and harder to player, 2nd, character changing NPC, instead of players quiting or starting a new toon, they can change from being a knight to rogue in game for a cost, keep there original level they changed at,


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      make option to change auto heal/mana %


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        when afk mode, when you loot stuff, it will LOOT EVERYTHING YOU WANT!
        Example, loot items blue+, and once the mob drops it stuff, everything blue+ will be in ur inventory. I have spend more time looting than killing those dungeon monsters.

        Pros : saving time for people who are busy but loves the game
        cons : ?? none

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          How about Public Dungeon? There's already trouble with L10. Some people pt together and kill everyone so they can't get the rewards. The players will purposely bring the mobs towards the spawning area so they can just easily kills the player right when they spawn with wings procs or aoe's while attacking the mobs. The worst part about this is the fact that once you die you can't pvp anymore which leaves the players hopeless. Making L10 pve in Public Dungeon would be nice or just let players still be able to attack another player if they die. Someone has already even posted a video on YouTube about it. Even after they killed all the mobs they continued to spawn skill and yes that was on Crystal Saga. Please do something. Just to be nice, you guys should increase the success rate on creating Rune Of God.ty
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            hallo r2,
            would be nice if u listen to the suggestions :P

            would it not be nice if seng would be more balanced like some other events are
            like if u enter seng u wont get your extra hf attributes but just about skills,your lvl and your soul like the old times
            and get a way to get more feelings cause just 2every time u do bath with your husband/wife takes too long if u dont wanna buy roses
            and get a way to get all icons on one spot like u guys did now with game options but then somewhere in game for hf, beast soul,polish annoys most ppl cause we cannot click good now on the screen cause too much stuff

            yours sincerly(or how to write it)
            AngelLove (SunnyBunny s91)
            just a old player from aeria with cs and likes to play r2 games with her friends~
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              Some suggestion are on point. For one thing I understand the rose exchange is limited because of the bots using that system. so making unlimited again will not be a great idea sorry. and r2 is getting control of the game again which is good tbh even if it is limiting the rose exchange.

              Maybe a rose system with bound items where u can exchange the roses for items in a system with some fate shop items but make sure they are bound. so it will eliminate the exchange to crystals.
              But one idea that would be fun would be an arena type system where you can enter and physically fight another player not like the Vahaldia Legends where you fight a computer version of the player. and get some form of rewards for participating or bring back the arena or make the option of being able to duel players would be nice. Make it more fun.
              Add more corruption levels to 15 or 20 floors with more Promethean feathers drops in them would be nice.

              More Magic tower levels since it has been upgraded and the higher orbs are harder to obtain add like 10 to 20 more floors would be nice.

              More instances for Starglade and tree of life this will help servers like ours who have merged so much that doing certain events like invaders, or special events are hard to obtain.

              Better drops in dungeon 155 sorry but the drops are not worth even doing the dungeon at all.

              Increase the stats of the pets most OP players don't even bother with using their pets at all.

              other suggestions that where already mentioned will be like hidden icons for all the icons on the screen. more storage space for vault would be nice and add more space in inventory would be nice.

              add a new dragon coin like gold or platinum would be nice something to add to the new corruption levels.

              and add 5 more floors for void would be nice as well.
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                Game Event, connection and red FPS

                Hello R2 games, i will give some suggestion base on my experience when im going playing in crystal saga server S87, there are so many people and my FPS low to 4fps
                while i was click hide player and hide effect thats not working,

                Also we have problem about enchantment normal equip, how we can enchant equip with low ping and very very low success rate? thats imposible
                so i ask to increase the success rate pls

                for many reason game isnt unfomfortable thats very lag connection, why dont put server in singapore for more best service?


                oke thats all, sorry for any mistake
                thankx so much

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                  I would like to see a option to turn off my auras. I dont wanna see all that clutter and lag showing the outfit is enough but its covered up with sperion and chi aura. Would also like to be able to set up shop outside of starglade. Maybe a system like pet hut where I can store all my mounts


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                    Stop making events and dungeons time limited to just the US time zones.
                    Make all events and dungeons open all the time with just restrictions to the number of times per day that they can be done. This would then enable players from all over the world to take part in all aspects of the game. This would have the added advantage that the present recycled events would have to be changed (hurrah!) because for at least the last 8 weeks (probably longer ie 2 years) the weekly events have included a limited timed event.


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                      Please change the music of the game to something interesting or not bored .

                      Thank you
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                        Dear R2 ,

                        Please make items/equipments loot up instantly as its take too much time to loot all the stuffs.

                        Thank you
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                          Please kindly add up more skills to be fill up in the afk mode


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                            i have a great suggestion, repair my ****** vault after couple of months ignoring me, you probably forgot already so here is the link to remember And dont tell me again and again to file a ticket

                            Oh yea and Soul could be also raised from 3000 up, i have couple stacks in vault again and dont want them to go puff one day.
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                              don't know where to start tbh.. but most r said and done by others.. i have putted many opinions on cs. i also did a lot off polls... maybe r2 should check them to.. and for the love of god or whatever you believe in... fic those picto's... lags swarms when you eneter some places.. And if you dc because of whatever reason, put toon back where you got dc.'ed not fun loosing corr runs or iob or whatever event you r on.. and then bOOOEEMMmm dc #04
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                                to save up some space, i have alts, and i use their bags, their temp storage so get those bigger .. more space, more more space, and give back what you all made bound or took away from systems or events...

                                MORE other events.. i'm rlly srry, but people have the events written on their calender, so lazy r2 has been with making it excited for us...
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