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[Patch Notes] 2/18 Server Update

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    Originally posted by Suriya View Post
    lol read again...its not a duplicate, i added some more in here
    You can go back and edit your original post or leave an entirely new feedback post here. You need not carry a copy and paste to a different thread as your original point was made in the last thread.
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      So wheres the new stuff players suggested? I see you added the mount stable which was predictable given the others for pets and costumes. How long will it take to update old events like this you guys give us every week why can't you update the leveler perks to go to 160?


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        Hey guys,
        Just wanna say that I used to play on the aeria cs alot lot. This was my first mmo, and after playing for about 3 years, awhile ago I decided to quit this game since there were just too many things that made this game...unpleasant.. from the crazy addition of the many systems to the inattentive GMS to the gap between noncashers, infrequent cashers and major cashers.
        Coming back to this again, I definitely don't regret quitting this game. There are many better games out there and I'd suggest you guys to take a break from this and explore those other games.


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          i do love the upgraded compensation packs.. high lvl players finally see something of progress then
          bit by bit
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            How is the compensation pack even remotely enough for those that cashed?


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              i just wish they would do something about getting to lvl 149-150 getting the gmo are insanly low drop and when it first came it it said it would add a shop of some sort so u can upgrade the lowers into the highers u need but they never did it. and also should add a insignia wardrobe thing


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                so i guess no valentine's chocolate this year ... come on guys, u've already missed
                clovers, anniversary(-with soul of ares) and many other good events.. and now one of the most important u take it away... and the only event you guys recicled was
                halloween with crappy pumpking candy and a outfit that isnt able to fit in wardrobe.

                i still have faith in you but you guys are making it all disapear.


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                  What's going on Kongregate servers? They are down

                  Seven hours down. Is there no notice?

                  The server is up again.
                  But I'm 99,99% sure I was rolled back to before yesterday without notice
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                    no reply was given that day :'(