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[Activity] Warrior’s Call

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  • [Activity] Warrior’s Call

    Duration: 12/6 – 1/9 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers
    Level Requirement: 101+

    Description: Vidalia needs your help! During this activity, players who reach each of the requested level requirements may head over to the Quartermaster to receive a reward! Each reward can only be redeemed once. Reach the required levels and receive the following:

    Click image for larger version

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    well this event is not so nice on newbies.... specially on new server.....


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      i don't love this event


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        LOVING this event!!!
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          well this is pure suck. I beg of u guys to figure out a way to have some rewards for the newer servers. those rewards are amazingly incredible and i wont b able to reap any of them. Niether will anybody else on my entire server(s56)!!!!! just what a great way to shove that in our face. I feel like a neglected step child. I spend money to make u happy and this is the thanks i get.


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            Got RB to Eid! LOL


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              lucky i still unable to complete my eidolon rb quest :P
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              Level - Eido 120++
              Rank - Squire XD
              Guild - VATICAN XVI
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              Mount - Gryphon
              Sperion - Supr Immortal Def Max lvl Gem lvl 5 -_-lll
              Beast Soul - Tiger

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                i thought it was 'that' warriors call,
                y put same name for different event,
                running out of idea no
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                  another event for the old servers, nothing here for newer servers


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                    heheh they never think of new people, most of "old" players left long ago and new players merged, most them left due to slow updates on this game, as for me im level 40 and scion now im done, im now playing the lost titan just came here to see what was lastest update for this game LOL
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                      Holy hell this is awesome.
                      can finally gem my sperion.
                      Ign: (S44)Euthanize
                      Guild: (J1)Philippines
                      Level: 150 Eidolon
                      Class: Support Priest.

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                        So, those of us that just RBed to Eidolon plane and/or are desperately trying to catch up to more advanced players are screwed...there is no way to make it to level 120 in a month, even 101 is a stretch. This event is strictly for those that are Eidolon level 100 (or close) only. And I know complaining in forums won't change the event...I still want to mention how effed up this is to a huge chunk of your player base. The strong get stronger and the rest of us get roses, how quaint.

                        You merge very old servers with very new servers and make events that only the older servers can access. You sure know how to kick a brother when he's down. Lots of love from server S49. ,,l,,


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                          are the sperion gems unbound?
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                          -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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                            Originally posted by Caia_R21125326 View Post
                            are the sperion gems unbound?
                            They seem to be. They stuck a bound SoT in there, so I'm sure they'd put a bound next to the gems if they were bound.
                            Ign: (S44)Euthanize
                            Guild: (J1)Philippines
                            Level: 150 Eidolon
                            Class: Support Priest.

                            I'm annoying.
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                              Guess I'm not going Eidolon at 100, lol! 120 here I come....I've been clearing 5 levels per maintenance week (Lv. 90-95 this past week alone), so I think this is very manageable. Nice shop items for prizes as well, especially those Lv.7 Hero & Pure spirits I need for my sperion that are crazy in shop at 1,200 xtal each lol :P Happy hunting to all!