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[Announcement] Crystal Saga has 2 nominations for the 2012 BBGs!

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  • [Announcement] Crystal Saga has 2 nominations for the 2012 BBGs!

    Crystal Saga has received 2 nominations for the 2012 BBGs, and we'd like players to go and vote for Crystal Saga! For players taking the time to visit the site, registering, and voting for Crystal Saga, you'll receive a code to redeem in Crystal Saga by going to the Daily Bonus panel and clicking the Redeem Gift Pack button (See below).

    To go vote, simply first go to BBG's Crystal Saga page and sign up:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	signup.jpg
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Size:	58.3 KB
ID:	1733610

    Once you've done that, pick the nomination you'd like to vote for and click vote!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vote.jpg
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Size:	3.7 KB
ID:	1733611

    Last, enter the code that displays to cast your vote, then go claim your code!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	entercode.jpg
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Size:	18.2 KB
ID:	1733612

    Players can only claim one code per account and IP address.
    Enter the code with in Crystal Saga and you'll receive one of the following as a thank you for your time:
    • Soul Shard x1
    • Green Dragon Coin x10
    • Soul Print x1
    • Earth Soul Orb Pack x1
    • Greater Mount Upgrade Token x1
    • Ethereal Wings x1
    • Pixie Upgrade Crystal x1

    Players can redeem their code from this panel:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	redeem.jpg
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Size:	60.7 KB
ID:	1733613
    Click image for larger version

Name:	entertext.jpg
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Size:	12.1 KB
ID:	1733614
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  • #2
    got dragon coins x 10 :P
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    • #3
      wow nice event


      • #4
        cool congratulation CS for being nominated ;P
        server S34 S43 and S51 will help to vote for Cs to have the title THE BEST BROWSER GAME of the YEAR 2012...

        guild : S34 rebels


        • #5
          Thank you for this wonderful event.
          Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift.


          • #6
            Voted. because freebies.
            A werewolf, A wearwolf, A warewolf, Aware wolf.


            • #7
              no offence guys but only one of those items is kinda weak for all the trouble we had to go through to sign up to vote
              Crystal Saga
              Server: Kraken Beach (S33)
              IGN: (S33)ShadowAxle1
              Class: Mage(Hybrid)
              Guild: SoulOfRuins just another noob :P
              Plane/Level: Eidolon/122
              Pet Of Choice: Burning Angel Gen 3 :D Level of pet:126 :D

              Eternal Saga
              Server: S35
              Class: Worrier


              • #8
                why i cant login to vote? it say "Logging in, Please wait for a while..."
                a while ? iwas wait like 10-15mins n nothing happend


                • #9
                  Needs better freebies.

                  You know like when during NBA finals - choose the winning team ;D ?


                  • #10
                    yea cant log in


                    • #11
                      Not bad, easy enough to do. Ended up with a soul print lol
                      There will be no tomorrow should we fail to use the lessons of the past to survive today.

                      Crystal Saga
                      IGN: Codawg
                      Server: Celestial Haven
                      Guild: BrimStone
                      Class: Beastmaster
                      Random Stats: Weak. I'm weak, ok?
                      Wife: PinkPretty (she's not nice )
                      Level: Somewhere between noob and legend v-v


                      • #12
                        got 10x Green Coins and got trolled >:l

                        Combat Mana Flasks and Blacksmith Hammers...nice worthless stuff for supporting this game!

                        Should give us ALL the items in the pack not just 1 at random D;
                        Server: Cimmerian Woodlands (S51)
                        Name: (S51)Aster
                        -Class: Knight

                        "Courage is the Magic that turns Dreams into Reality"


                        • #13
                          I signed up and got code and wen tto redeem it and I did not recieve my pack.


                          • #14
                            redemp gift x15 *megusta*


                            • #15
                              So far everyone in my guild has only gotten 10 green dragon coins. Thats about 10 PPL and counting. Codawg says he got a soul print but i'm curious if anybody got anything else besides the 10 green coins. Please post here what prize you got.