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[Patch Notes] 12/6 Server Update

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    Originally posted by Bayranoxes View Post
    How do I report an anoying bug?
    file a support ticket?
    Last edited by GonGirl; 12-22-2012, 01:15 PM. Reason: for the url >.<
    I'm not usually active so my stats are the same.

    IGN (S12)Tcaty
    Class Shadow Rogue
    Level 55+
    Plane Mortal (obv.)
    Honor Earl

    Well, that's about it! Have a fantastic day...


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      i love this game!


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        GM chrismas clothes and new items


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          GM chrismas clothes and items


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            How about another vault page and maybe make it easier to lvl your mounts let them gain exp just like your pet and the same with pixies come on why make us have to spend cash on mire little things like
            that try and help your patrons back by showing love and where are the xmas decarations in the game and why not give specail gifts out doing this event and maybe if you want have some good events try
            giving better stuff away and dont make it so damn hard for people who do play that cant afford to spend real money on game ok i live this game but come on give us some people a break ok other than that
            few bugs i see is mor eon load time in between pages and why not have each city have vautls and quartermasters as not to have to run to starglade and let them set up shops there make the citys just what they are seperate citys and let people set up shops and stuff and make it like heavenily else you have to be a set lvl to get there once you reach that lvl you can go back and forth other wise you have to have a scroll
            to get to each city ok would make game better and please please do a pack drop at some time and stop making the cratures you dump in starglade only so that you have to be 100 plus to beat it .
            it dont let the little guys get any of the great rewards you let them guys have well thanks for you time i hope you will atleast comsider what i have said have a great day and rememebr when playing crystal saga you will become addicted you have been warned .....yhave a nice day