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    This is still 21 EWs for nearly free so I"m happy Since I also have bluespark, who's lvl 69, that's 42 EWs for me.

    It's not an extreme amount, but it's still 42 EWs I don't have to farm from treasure trove, win in rebirth or avernal pack, or buy from others (at 15-20g each on my server :/). 3 HW and 1 gold is nearly free to me and I'm happy.

    And the red dragon coins from the ntbom event (and I guess the other event too if I feel like going elite killing) might help bridge some of that gap so...I think overall it's a good event, it's just people think every event should be this massive giveaway when it isn't. Only major events (like thanksgiving, which was awesome) should be like that. This is just a typical week, so a massive giveaway should not be expected.

    Be happy, stop expecting the world for each week's events, and wait for Valentine's day - that should be a big event!
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      why not gmut event

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        I think this is an awesome event and the lvl 60 will probably be the norm to stop alt gobbling. Also, I like events when you know what you are getting. Last weeks event where you had a possibility of getting a pixie upgrade really sucked. Yes I am an alt player who got hundreds of shards and silver badges but just about none of the prime items. r2, stay with the lvl 60 and 3 items that we know we are getting and ditch the multiple choice events that I prefer to call teasers since you rarely get the prime items.

        NOTE: For all of you single players that still complain about alts, just about everything you buy at the market are from alt players. Just think of how much longer it would take for you to lvl up without us. This is an alt game since almost every other game on the internet makes alts illegal. Just enjoy the game and continue to buy the stuff at the market we have available. You farm and we will do all the hard stuff then you buy.


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          Originally posted by elsage View Post
          make an army of lvl60 alts O.o
          a friend of mine ave like 11 Alts almost all scion 60+... and i was like : dude get a life!!
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            I love that people have alts, but many do need to get a life. We got players on our server that have alarms to wake them up after 5hrs of sleep, so they can play for 19hrs straight every single day 7days a week. They dont go outside, probabaly have no friends or even see there family other then when they get something to eat. Feel sorry for these kinda players, cause theres alot more out there then just CS guys. Play CS, but enjoy life.