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  • #16
    hey cool, thanks for the FREE reward for something I already have!

    Eventho I didn't have enough of them yet. Cause guess what? you can still SELL for in-game gold. And howmuch effort did that gold take? just 2 clicks.

    Haters gonna hate. Complainers gonna complains. Whiners gonna whine. It's still free stuff, clap your hands and be happy as if you know it.
    Le derp alt. I remembered I'm logged on this account after I posted.
    IGN: Smurfs16
    Server: Windshear peaks - Emperor
    [Eidolon] Holy priest Lv100 supporting with curses.


    • #17
      hey i got 12 wings instead of 21 when i exchanged ultimate fire wings...can you explain this?

      also, i saw the reward in ultimate fire wings is 21 and my demigod wings only would exchange to 18..why is that so?
      i think it would be better if i have demigod wings i could get all the reward wings down to ultimate glowing wings.
      i would appreciate if you take actions..tnx


      • #18
        maganda to na game poponta kayo ng server 71


        • #19
          i cant get the reward, i have Dual Angel wing III, but when i click accept reward, it says "you have not morerewards are available" GM please tell me why and quickly solve this
          glitch/problem as soon as possible.

          Lunaria Story
          Server [S1] Ivory Islet
          Level 77~ Elementalist
          Advanced Mage
          Guild: Unholy