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    1) The level 70 rogue skill "improved triple strike" does less damage than a normal basic attack, the skill definitely needs some buffing
    2) make sengolia battleground harder to end with a way stronger crystal and give good rewards for the winning side + extra rewards for top 5 damage/killsteak players
    3) let us put bound items in dimensional pocket aswell and let the stats get influenced by the % of pixie, mount, etc...
    4) make the dragon spin battleground for high level players with a weapon way stronger than maxed frag and if possible, make multiple entrances for minimum-maximum stats for example: "to enter u must have atleast 1mill attack and max 5mill attack", this way the pvp is more skill based instead of pure who cashed the hardest. the higher the stats the stronger the dragon sword ofc
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      i would like a suggestion to the fruit system make it so once u unlock the last tree it always open and u can click it every time instead of it being completely random


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        Pvp gear should be updated


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          bring back the stats & that agility gives before like 400 agi for 1% dodge unlike now prolly 3k agi for 1% dodge its not even worth it to put stats on agi now


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            there one more

            1- give me a inverted quad master shop ,like i got the item bound i dont want and my only choice it to trow it away ,if you give me a shop that could trade those uselless bound item for quad token it would help a lot specially whit how much quad token i need to be able to do the incubator systeme

            2- speaking of quad token would be nice if hourglass was added to the list i need to reech that next codex rankl fast becausee the codex page pilling up in my inventory and i cant put them in vault

            3- make it so the bounty hall was set at the valu of the server whit the higuest hall went you merge instead of reset exemple s36 have a hall lvl 10 s144 have a hall lvl 5 s36 and s144 merge the bounty hall after merge is set at lvl 10

            4-remove the limitation of the number of lamp i can use for the soul cultivation systeme i get more than 7 lamp of a type a day and they starthing to stack up because i cant eat them all on the same day

            5- lower the gold cost of dimentional pocket gem synthesis i spend 100p making a lvl 8 gem using lvl 1 gem nobody will ever reech gem 17 event casher are not agree to go further than a gem 7
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              Merge a lot of servers to make players play together.

              Make it possible to hide Wings/Pets since everytime you make them bigger and it get's pretty anoying to click even the resources on ground

              Change the rewards for events such as lucky guess


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                give chance for the non casher to open 3 monster in page 2, page 3 and page 4 of monster hanbook


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                  Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I will view each comment and forward them to the team. Happy Gaming.

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