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We want to hear your suggestions!

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  • [Announcement] We want to hear your suggestions!

    Greetings Heroes of Vidalia!

    The R2 Team is looking for your suggestions!

    Is there a feature that you want to be added in-game?
    Are you looking for new events?
    What system would you like to be updated?
    If you have any suggestions regarding these 3 questions, please comment down below!

    1. All information needs to be helpful and constructive. Please, do not comment if you can't comply with those terms.
    2. When giving your suggestions please, give as many details as possible. Screenshots or videos are welcome when posting.
    3. Do not flood the thread with multiple screenshots written with your suggestions. If it can be explained with type please, write it out.
    4. This is not a bug reporting post. Please, use the appropriate section of the forums to report a bug! Look for a thread that has the mentioned bug already, or use my bug reporting list. Thank you.
    Thank you, R2Games & Moderators

    Disclaimer: R2Games reserves the final right to update or implement suggestions at their discretion.
    Note: Changes will not happen immediately upon posting on this thread or the upcoming maintenance.
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  • #2
    hey sugarplum , more bag space more vault space more unbound items , more corr runs , less cash systems or ways to farm them in corr .
    Level : 112 eid
    Class : Mage
    Sever : 11


    • #3
      New frag and tenet levels!
      Crystal Saga
      Server: (S3) Kaymo Mountain
      Ign: Tinkerton

      Dragon Pals

      Server: (S42) The Moors
      Ign: Zonk

      Censored since 2011


      • #4
        Make an entirely new place to farm the NEW mats needed for the newer systems and recently upgraded systems like mount genie and pixie mats. Sick of doing Extra levels in the same old boring things like corruption. Stop adding extra floors to old stuff please.
        Bring Cross Server PvP like LGS and 1v1 and 3v3 arenas.
        Make a new version, MAP of LG? something other than them bugged towers you can't seem to fix.
        Update Knight AB to block all damage, like Deathspirit, and to block out effects.
        Update Knights Damage Reflection for End game stats as the 5,650 damage cap is pointless and does nothing to people with 200million HP. (Seriously)
        💎Crystal Saga💎
        ☆Game Name: (s61)kanyo™
        ☆Death Tank
        ☆PvP King at your service
        Upgrading a system and seeing the new *look* it gives is one of the best feelings huh? 😅

        “You’re more important than my sword. …But just a little.”
        — Angeal (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)


        • #5
          a offhand that acts like a frag where you have to upgrade it and is class spasific, lowering the cooldown of blood pool death cometh and sacrifice to 10-15 seconds, fixing bloody acres to where if the aoe is bigger then it you cant use it and being able to hit people inside when your outside of it, a gem vault/storange or some sort of bound item storage and or more vault room somewhere to store items, bigger stacks for items, be able to have any skil lyou want and remove the "cant exist with "X" skill" be able to have all the guild skills, make improved/life drain do more then 1.4k damage


          • #6
            ok because im not sure how much you got from what i said in game whit all the poeple spaming i will repeat them there
            1- i want the coupon shop to be updated i have 90k coupon and no item to buy
            2- i want the mini kingdhom ranking to be lower 10k point of world will is really redicul specificly went you only get the object in the cash shop for 1k xtal each giving 100 point nobody will ever raise this systeme as it is give me a way to get those world will outside of the cash shop
            3-i want a way to obtain blessing stone and wallbreaker outside of the cash shop the easter bunny event give some but you never put this event back because causing to much lag and no alternativbe to get those item making the gear evolution systeme useless
            4- let us raise the wonderkind systeme whitout need to feed it because that a scam presently to get the bonus you need drumstick they cost 25xtal for 10 point the max sasiation bar is 100 so 250 xtal probleme is that bar depel in 20 min so if you want to keep the wonderkind bonus you need to spend 250xtal each 20min or 18k crystal for 24h nobody will ever pay that making the systeme useless
            5-make anima item drop out of anima as it stand its irealistic to raise you need 13 anima crystal +13 hero power to unlock and raise 1 lvl probleme is you dont get the item you get shard of the item so get onbe lvl took 5 day concidering you alone in the event because its a pvp arena(it shoulnd) if someone whit big stat enter you death and you probably will never be able to go back in >.>as a matter of fact there a issu whit this arena you cannot escape unleas you reech the npc even refreshing the game or the event ending wont kick you out and the person whit big stat can still kill you after the event end so what happen they spawn kill you over and over and over again and you cannot escape so there again a useless systeme
            6- i think the soul systeme need a update too as promise years ago the systeme was supose to be bigguer than that they said that the zodiac symbol around the systeme was supose to be button than you unlock after you max out the first zodiac symbol like you start whit aeris went you get all 3k point you unlock the tauros button that have a brand new tree and boost for another 3k etc etc for all the 12 zodiac symbol and that sum it
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            • #7
              First off, I'd want R2 to stop rolling out predictive and repetitive events like ladder, rose and other things. We'd like to see CS go back to its old glorious days where the events are aligned with actual events in real life, like the St. Patricks Day, Halloween, even Sports event like Olympics and NBA championship I think we had that before.

              In game system wise We'd like to see the following:
              1. Update in Holy Favor, people who already maxed the system still gets the particle in DGs and it's sad to see that go to waste
              2. You recently opened a monster handbook with relatively no way for casual cashers to get, in that regard it would be nice to see the funds get updated in a way that we could have an opportunity to activate the new added pages.
              3. We need to have some systems materials farmable in the field or at least new DGs to give an equal chance for free to play players
              4. We need an update on the Dragon Hunt rewards, most of the things you get there are obsolete, getting bloodforge shards and nightshade shards for black coins doesn't even make sense with people now who are all way past those levels
              5. We need an update on the Divine Soul systems which greatly favors one class alone because of the dodge benefit, Rogues. This creates imbalance on PVPs. Divine Soul benefits should be class specific.


              • #8
                some more thing

                1-put a button on the npc seller to sell white/green equip in one click like in broken realm a crystal saga chronicle
                2- do as the quadmaster token exchange ask how many time you want to trade instead of doing it 1 by 1
                3-do as the coupon exchange ask you how many you want to trade in one go
                4-make the gem synthesis instan
                5- make opening pack instan
                6-give the option to player to use a full stack of item in one go(like if i have 250 hourglass i can use them all instantly instead of having to clic for 15 min)
                7-make so we can issu player bounty in one go and remove the dam box that say congrat you issu a bounty
                8-remove the confirmation box went you try to use dragon essence on the beast soul systeme
                9- remove the confirmation box evrytime we try to use feather or mut to upgrade wing/mount

                hum well that mostly it for today i will post again if i fund anything else

                ah forgot 1 thing
                10- raise the number of item in a stack to 2500(at least) instead of 250
                11- make the dragon coin spin faster it shoulnd take 5 min to roll 8 coin (and its a pain went you have 3 stack of coin to roll because you stack your corrup pack for 14 day)
                12- make the awakened/imbu stat and diviner stat transfarable
                13- make the zone 200 elite drop srcratched gem instead of useless chipped
                14- remove the useless apple juice item from the drop of zone 200(it dont event make sens since zone 150 drop orange bottle and item and zone 200 drop purple bottle and item anyway)

                this is a systeme i ask for before
                15- a skin systeme for mount so i can change my mount apearance whitout loosing the stat (the doombringuer i use presently is ugly but its a gen 4 so i cant go ride of those stat bonus(as for the deification skin there a issu 3 form of deification have this gian flaming aura around it and it lag like crazy i cannot use that i want something smaller and cute whitout loosing my doom stat)
                Last edited by R2248437; 09-15-2020, 02:22 PM.


                • #9
                  Please for the love of all that is holy just need more space in general: Vault, and/or inventory.


                  • #10
                    1. First and foremost additional page for vault and inventory and if you put new systems then put additional page in inventory and vault too.

                    2. Upgrade item capacity per stack.

                    3. Pixie/genie material(Pixie Upgrade Crystal / Genie Upgrade Crystal) make an option to exchange into (Ancient Pixie Upgrade Crystal / Ancient Genie Upgrade Crystal)

                    4. Sperion quest - after abandoning it and go rebirth. Can still get back the unfinished quest.

                    5. Add a guild vault please. And all kinds of item will be store (No limitation)

                    6. Additional runs for evil beast sanctuary dungeon

                    7. Bring back previous event like anniversary event.

                    8. Land-grab -fixing tower bug and wall-breaking.

                    9. Sengola event - upgrade tower's capacity to endure a hit. What about upgrade the crystal tower into 30 times hits or more before it breaks.. so that Seng will not easily ends and add more rewards.

                    10. And if you will have a Sale event please do it on CP week (consumer points).


                    • #11
                      Add guild station please and also guild vault for guild


                      • #12
                        Everything that was said in this suggestion so far and the patch notes a day before maintenance would be nice
                        Guild: SoulOfRuins Associate
                        Spernal Rb lvl 190 Knight
                        Pets:Focussing on Rexes
                        Sperion:lvl 120 Legendary Att. Bloodbreaking
                        Server: S21
                        Wings: Legend Ancient wings 1
                        Weapon: Immo Ag. Sword X +18
                        Pixie: Emerald-Pixie
                        Mount: Doom -Gen4


                        • #13
                          ok here 2 more

                          1-give me more lvl on otherworld event and make them drop legend gem lvl 2 3 4 5 etc
                          2- give me more try a day to morph legend gem whit gold 1 each 24h is not enought


                          • #14
                            I wish they upgrade the holy favor because is a very old system and also i want they drop more ancient stuff for us because had many ancient things but they need drop more ancient stuff ofr us


                            • #15
                              we need merge for ghost servers