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Pet Design Contest 04/10 - 04/17 23:00 EDT.

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  • *Minori*
    started a topic Pet Design Contest 04/10 - 04/17 23:00 EDT.

    Pet Design Contest 04/10 - 04/17 23:00 EDT.

    Duration: 04/10 - 04/17 18:00 PDT / 23:00 EDT.

    Description: We'd like to hear your suggestions on what an upcoming Pet should look like! There will be a reward provided to players whose suggestions are considered for their pet designs.

    Requirements for suggestions:
    1. A clear cohesive explanation of your suggestion
    2. A screenshot or drawing of your suggestion.
      • Note: If you’re not creating the design I need to know where it’s from.
    3. All name suggestions will be taken into consideration but please, ensure they are respectful.
    4. All submissions must comply with the TOS.
    1. All information needs to be helpful and constructive. Please, do not comment if you cannot comply with these terms.
    2. If your designs are considered a reward will be provided. All players will need to submit their server and character names.
      • If you do not wish to post your server and character name on this thread, please private message me the information with a brief explanation in regards to this thread. Please, ignore the error message when sending your private message.
        • Private Message Example:
          Subject: Pet Design Contest
          Message Contents:
          Crystal Saga (S5)RoryWillaims
      • You may also provide your discord username and if you're selected in the top 5 I will reach out to you for your server and character name
        • Discord Example:
          • Note: Discord names are case and spelling sensitive. Please, double check if you're providing your discord handle. Thank you.
    3. You may use a linking service such as Lightshot, Imgur, etc. if you're experiencing issues uploading your submissions.
      • If you create multiple designs, please, edit your original posting and add it in. You will not be considered for multiple rewards, but you will be provided more chances to be in the top 5 selected winners before the final winner is selected.
    4. Your suggestion MUST be posted on this thread for consideration. They cannot be submitted via private message or posted on the game discord.
    As always, we thank you for your continued support over the years, and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

    Disclaimer: R2Games reserves the right to the final interpretation of the designs and names provided.
    Note: This event is available for both Crystal Saga and Crystal Saga II players.
    Last edited by *Minori*; 04-17-2022, 06:19 PM.

  • *Minori*
    Congratulations! You 3 are all winners for this months Pet Contest!

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  • BerryVanilla
    Discord Straea#7907

    Pet: Yeti the abominable snowman and bigfoot

    Sources friendlystock com, istockphoto com, freelancer ie, alarmy com
    Yeti ball Cute yeti Yeti bigfoot
    Last edited by BerryVanilla; 04-17-2022, 03:50 PM. Reason: Adding

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  • Rustyka
    Crystal Saga
    Server: (S64) Purgatory
    Character: (S64) little

    Source: PNGWing . com
    Robo Cyborg
    --a portmanteau of cybernetic and organism —is a being with both organic and biomechatronic body parts.

    MonkeyKing (Sun Wukong) from TopPNG . com

    Gorilla from DKPNG . com
    Baby Monkey from 123rf . com

    i was thinking of having morph pets
    its baby monkey morphs to Gorilla, Gorilla morphs to Monkey King

    Legend has it..
    The Monkey King, known as Sun Wukong (???/???) in Mandarin Chinese, is a legendary mythical figure best known as one of the main characters in the 16th-century Chinese novel
    Robo Cyborg Baby Monkey - Gorilla - Monkey King

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  • mihonaco
    char name: (A1)miho
    server: (S13)Blackrock Gorge
    Pet name : fabalous kitten
    source: google images
    pet type : offensive(magical)

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