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Crystal Saga Feedback 2023

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    Rebirth Quest's :

    lvl 35 , 40 and 45 need to be removed add Lvl 110 , 130 , 150 or 120 140 160 seeing as the lower lvl's are no longer a challenge to anyone with starting at 100 . More on Ladder later

    World Boss quest need to be upgrade remove Ice Queen , Amarog , Fallen Angel replace with Light and Dark World Boss Sardon the Destroyer World Boss Outland Emperor World Boss .

    Add SC II and III to the Rebirth Quest's since SC IV is already there .

    Now for Rebirth Packs : Remove Lesser Mount Food for Normal Mount Food and UP the remaining items to 5 of each .

    Magic Tower :

    Needs to be upped to 40 giving 4 of each Magic Orb except Orange and that Gets 5 seeing as it takes the most to upgrade . Or keep it at 30 and remove a White and Yellow Magic Orb and add a 4th Purple and Orange Magic Orb .

    Supreme Rebirth :

    Unless you are going to add a New Rebirth Plain then this system is pointless and Obsolete Remove it completely from the Game . Unless you make the EXP Capsule's Usable every 1 to 3 Days .

    Wunderkind System :

    Either Remove it from the game or add its items to the Coupon Shop .

    Skills :

    All players will agree we need new skills . When you added the lvl cap to 240 there should have been new skills 230 and 235 lvl skills . Same when you raised the lvl cap to 300 . 290 and 295 lvl skills as well as the 360 lvl cap . 350 and 355 skills need to be added . Enlightenment skills do not equal the skills we are missing and needed . Players in the past created skill but were ignored I am sure they would do again to get the skills updated .

    These Systems need to be Upgraded :

    Wrath & Blood , Starmap , Soul Guardian , Defication , Anima , Wheel of Destiny , Cape , Codex with new skills rendering codex pages useful again after the original ones are maxed .

    Corruption :

    Upgrade it too lvl 30 - Giving the new packs AF , Gold dragon Coin , Tranquality Orbs , Puc ,Guc , Apuc I and II , Aguc I and II , Array Sones , Void Remain , Genesis Sword and Armor Shards and Genesis Shards , Dream and Truth Crystals . Maybe add Another Banner set for STR , AGI , INT , End and the ability to fuse them as well or Crit , Crit Def , Crit Damage , Dodge . I am sure other players could help create the New Banner . Aalso make it to where the Boss also drops the pack so we dont have to click for it or miss it going to the next lvl

    Pixie Forest :

    Either add GUC to Pixie Forest or create another area like Pixie Forest for GUC .

    Dungeons :

    Make EBS Dungeon like the rest 5 runs and DK runs or Make all Dungeons 125+ drop NE and remove the Ews that drop in higher lvl Dungeons . Also why is it that the higher lvl Dungeons only drop Flawed Gems ? Add Scratched and Normal to those Dungeons and make the pet equips that drop Purple not Yellow .

    Frag Dungeon :

    Why is it that CS1 does not have one but CS II does ?

    Add it to CS1 .

    Upgrade Shops :

    Rotten Abysmal shop needs to be upgrade , Adventure shop could use more items and Bounty seeing as there are 10 tiers to it but only 5 are listed in item shop upgrade the shop to show all 10 tiers and better items for those tiers . The Nether drops also need to be upgraded . As well as the Wrangle Exchange . QM Token Exchange need to add all items for the systems added within the past Year .

    Ladder :

    It is not impossible to make Ladder go to lvl 200 with a lvl 150 start .

    Also update the Celestial Shards exchange .and when you give us that Event Remove Ladder Gem Exchange . No one does a lvl 1 start anymore so those ladder gems are useless . If the Ladder Rebirth Quest get updated .

    Void :

    Needs to be upgrade to lvl 50 there are enough bosses / mobs from 240+ are to do that and the added items you can take from the list for corruption packs also adding Red and Black Dragon coins .removing these items and putting them in the Coupon Shop - Gold Key , Combat Healing and Mana flasks . Just remove all the Elixers . Health and Mana orbs and Pet Health and Mana orbs they are already in the coupon shop . as is lvl 1 to 5 chance for 3 pc , 5 pc 6 thru 10 . 7 pc 11 thru 15 , 10 pc 16 thru 20 if void gets upgraded need 15 pc 21 thru 25

    Funds : The Normal and Premium fund need to be reset every 6 Months . would bring in more money for R2 Also

    Space / Storage issues there are 3 Vaults in SG and only 1 in Tree of Life . the 1 in Tree of Life can be changed to a Pet Vault for the storage of all Pet Items Only and 2 more Vault can be added a Vault III and a Vault IV . Pet Vault Expanders Cost 275 Xtals Vault III and IV expander 550 Xtals each . I doubt players would complain about the price since it would be giving us more space with Stacks up to 500 or 1k .

    Dimensionial Pocket needs to upped to 25k storage per item and remove ESD and Therion and replace with GUC and AGUC .And if you will not remove ESD and Therion then i suggest re adding the old drops we used to have in the lvl 160 to 180 area and also add those drops to lvl 240 and 300 areas as well so we have a better chance at maxing those in Dimensional Pocket

    Dragon Wheel : Gold Coins need to be added to the Black Coin Wheel .

    Update the POI and cp lists please they are outdated also add Supreme keys to them for Divine Vault .

    Add more packs to Key Shard Esamble .

    Also Any Item that has cannot be placed in vault needs to have that removed .. all items should be able to be put in the vault .

    Sim : Was not bugged just an idiot crying about it after he got his maxed . we should be able to feed edo pets to sim .the only bug was we could not feed edo mount to Defication in which that needs to come back to the game .

    Delay in Events : ALL delay needs to be removed from the game as it is bugged and annoying . since when do Melee class have a delay in attacking ? also because of the delay not only can Mellee class not move we cannot attack where as Ranged Class can still attack even though they cannot move . therefore Remove the Delay in all Events from the Game .

    VL :Seeing as no one hardly does VL anymore and alot of toons are bugged in it redo do it - Remove all attempts from it and base it off of LVL Rankings with the current lvl 1 pack now for lvl 1 thru 10 , 2nd place pack for lvl 11 thru 20 , 3rd place pack for lvl 21 thru 30 and current 4th place pack for lvl 31 thru 40 and so on this way NO One gets bugged in VL anymore .

    Now with all that being said if the Devs truely cared about its players then the upgrades list above and listed by other players would Happen and one or more of the Devs would actually play CS so they know these are needed . but until this happens it only provs that R2 only care about the Money .
    Last edited by Valthor; 04-21-2023, 03:43 AM. Reason: Added Sim and Delay
    (S47) SyKnTwstd


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      Quests : Remove these quest please we do not need a reminder of the ones we will never get again

      Also remove the quest for all holidays from SG npcs since they cannot be completed either
      (S47) SyKnTwstd


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        ALL Dungeons

        - Treasure Key : add a feature to exchange at quartermaster to get us a quartermaster token x1 (just like they did with chaos wings)
        - All Exelorn Boss Drops (nightmare) : by collecting those sins drops you could exchange at new npc (Gaspar -- Sins Collector position:Bloodfang Village) with all 7 items you could either get a few golds pieces per day or even a quartermaster token each set of item provided to that npc.


        - Map zone 121-150 : farming orders been painful since you added array map to elites lighten the hard task of farming orders by removing array map from elite loot table...


        - Map zone 121-150 : add a way to convert order (121-150) previous tier we get to higher one with a 5:1 ratio by double-clicking on them for exemple....
        Last edited by R24481315; 07-26-2023, 07:52 PM.