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[Announcement] CS 01/31/2013 Server Maintenance @ 3:00 AM EST

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    Originally posted by R2288716 View Post
    What we want to see:
    Good events that don't suck.
    3rd vault page.
    New content for older stuff (like more frag weapon levels, and mount systems)
    No event that discriminate against power, level, race, good/evil, ect....

    What we will get:
    Events that suck
    No 3rd vault page
    No new content
    Items added to cash shop to get our money (new clothing, deal packages, useless pets)
    Racist Events

    Now lets see how right I am
    (items in bold is what we actually got)

    Wow, amazed we actually got one item we been wanting, too bad it's not something we wanted and it is only for the cash players.
    The update ends in total failure.

    Let out your rage on level 30 trading ---^