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[CS Activity] A Dark Storm

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  • [CS Activity] A Dark Storm

    Duration: 3/7 – 3/13 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers
    Level Requirement: 30+

    Description: An ominous turn in the weather bodes the worst for the citizens of Vidalia… Rumor has it that a dark evil has arisen among the lands called forth by a powerful group of monsters. According to wandering travelers this storm could very well be the foretold beginning of the end. Hurry and speak with the Quartermaster to help save Vidalia from impending doom! Players who kill level 30+ elite monsters (excluding dungeon mobs and bosses) will receive Winterfall Shards. Collect enough Winterfall Shards and return to the Quartermaster in Starglade to exchange them for Dark Winter Packs.
    • Winterfall Shard x 88 = Dark Winter Pack x 1
    • Winterfall Shard x 120 = Dark Winter Pack x 2
    • Winterfall Shard x 200 = Dark Winter Pack x 3

    Open a Dark Winter Pack and you will randomly receive ONE of the following items:
    • Morph Crystal x3
    • Soul Print x1
    • 2x Offline Exp Token x2
    • Ethereal Wings x3
    • Blessed Stone (Bound) x3

    Note: Players can only make each exchange once per day.
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    weee finally EW and MC thanks
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    • #3
      yes! finally an EW and MC event. thanks


      • #4
        watch all of those have like 5% chance, and the blessed stone/x2 offline at 45%~ chance
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          can u make MC always when i open Dark Winter Pack plsss


          • #6
            Vidalia won't be saved with a shard requirement that high if it's anything like the drop rate of the other events of this type lol. And with offline tokens and Blesed stones being in there I would never consider paying xtal for the shards.
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              oh common the drop rate is so bad and 200 pcs seriously?


              • #8
                Drop rate isn't bad at all. So far the majority of elites I've killed has dropped a shard. You'll want to go to an area where you can kill lots of mobs at a relatively quick pace so elites have a better chance to spawn. Sure, it's going to be a bit time consuming, but better than a super low amount needed and having many stacks of the items left at the end of the week.
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                  yeah new event.,


                  • #10
                    88? my fav number


                    • #11
                      My friend has gotten 5 in 20 mins which is pretty decent from what I've seen of elite spawns. That would still take 13 hours and 20 mins of grinding at that rate. And what's wrong with a lower amount needed so you don't spend most of your day doing just this one event and possibly for a chance at items that are terrible? Aren't events supposed to be fun?


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                        D: 88shard UP and only elite
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                          Originally posted by speeds16 View Post
                          watch all of those have like 5% chance, and the blessed stone/x2 offline at 45%~ chance
                          lol you are probably right but if your lucky you could get e wings or unbound soul print.
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                            Glad to see more sp going around. I'll set 5 alts on afk around the clock xD


                            • #15
                              200!! I'll need more AFK cards. The servers are gonna drag with all the alts AFK, lol.