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[Activity] Pet Extravaganza!

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  • [Activity] Pet Extravaganza!

    Duration: Permanent
    Server: All Servers

    Description: Striving to get that next pet and finding lady luck not on your side? Bring along your pets and visit the Event Master in Starglade to receive some helpful items to aid your companion on the battleground! Simply show off your pet and receive the rewards listed below:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Pet Extra Added Bone Dragon.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	34.8 KB
ID:	1732448

    Notes: Rewards may be redeemed once per pet type. If you have a Baby Angel and a Burning Angel, you will receive Morph Crystal x 11, Maturity Stone x 43 and Maturity Whip x 5. If, for some reason, you have two Baby Angels, you will only receive Morph Crystal x 11.
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  • #2
    yay I got SA - SD - FL - BA - DK ) so many money )

    Server: Cheurna Gorge
    Lvl: Eidolon 150
    Class: Ranger (Agi type LOL)
    Pet : Burning Angel 3rd Gen, Demon King 3rd Gen
    Guild: (S26)FTW

    League of Angels
    Server: [S141] Lake Nadir
    Lvl: 75
    Class: Berseker
    Guild: Fairy Tale


    • #3
      i hope this one goes back


      • #4
        Omg thank you, finally MC event
        IGN: (S44)StrawHatLeon
        Server: [S44]Psychodelica
        Class: Knight
        Level: 50+ scion
        Guild: Exile - Position: Major


        • #5
          Omg this is it!


          • #6

            im have Baby Angel ..

            thx GM


            • #7
              damn i delete my baby demon


              • #8
                thank you so so so so much


                • #9
                  thx GM i like this!
                  Why u fate is doesn't Lie?
                  Job:The adventurer and pet tammer
                  Server:Erie Marsh


                  • #10
                    wooo nice i have Super Demon... 25x MC come to papa
                    â—˜Server: Tyria Villageâ—˜

                    â—˜IGN: â—˜csFame â—˜csPaine â—˜csLacrusaid â—˜csnotyet
                    ◘Class: ◘Priest ♣ ◘ Mage ♣♣ ◘Rouge ♣♣♣ ◘Ranger

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                    We Sleep
                    We Play
                    Crystal Saga


                    • #11
                      duration: permanent

                      WTG =)


                      • #12
                        not bad... I will be getting some MC then I see
                        If I post something really weird that makes no sense whatsoever it means I'm not mentally there at the time I post it (probably sleep deprived)

                        Character: (S31)Kiesha
                        Server: Tree of Life
                        Plane: Eidolon
                        Class: Hybrid Priest
                        Guild: Harmless


                        • #13
                          hmm i guess waiting to use up all your demon eggs and angels egg from the last BBQ event was rewarding


                          • #14
                            tq GM for the MC and GMUT permanent event..


                            • #15
                              not a bad thing to add perm. When is the next gmut event?
                              Server: Starglade
                              Name: Lotussin
                              Plain: Eidolon
                              Lvl: 72 and more
                              Guild: GM of DethKlok
                              Skill Tree: Shadow
                              Pet: Demon King Gen 2/5 +13