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[Promotion] Permanent Recharge Bonus!

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  • [Promotion] Permanent Recharge Bonus!

    Duration: Always

    Details: During this event, players may receive a special bonus pack on each crystal purchase of the following amounts! These bonus items are in addition to the crystal you will already be receiving.
    • $4.99 Bonus Pack (500 Crystal and 30% Bonus Value!) : 2x EXP Tokenx1, 1 Hour AFK Card x1, Torch x2
    • $9.99 Bonus Pack (1000 Crystal and 40% Bonus Value!): Torch x3, 2x EXP Token x2, 1 Hour AFK Card x2, 2x Drop Token(Bound) x2
    • $19.99 Bonus Pack (2000 Crystal and 50% Bonus Value!): Torch x6, 1 Hour AFK Card x5, Heroic Wings x5, 2x Drop Token(Bound) x2, 2x Drop Token(Bound) x3, Soul Shard x2
    • $39.99 Bonus Pack (4000 Crystal and 60% Bonus Value!): Torch x12, Heroic Wings x10, Great Mount Upgrade Token x4, Soul Shard x4, Morph Crystal x4, Golden Fruit of Honor x4
    • $99.99 (10000 Crystal and 70% Bonus Value!): Torch x20, Soul Shard x8, Black Dragon Coin x4, Soul Print x10,Normal Gem Coupon x3, Great Mount Upgrade Token x10, Dragon Crystal x2, Morph Crystal x10, Golden Fruit of Honor x6,pet exp pearl x25.
    • $299.99 (30000 Crystal and 85% Bonus Value!): Torch x30, Ethereal Wings x40, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x20,pet exp pearl x88 , Dragon Crystal x6, Morph Crystal x25, Maturity Whip x10, Soul Print x30,Soul PackII x2, Normal Gem Coupon x6, Black Dragon Coin x25,Gold honor Badge X1, Normal Mount Food x3, Golden Fruit of Honor x12

    • Bonuses are given out on each single order placed (i.e. you will not be eligible for the $9.99 bonus pack by purchasing two $4.99 packs.)You may receive a bonus pack for every order placed within the promotion period!Your packs will be delivered to your character instantly after completing payment.
    • Receiving rewards from this promotion will not disqualify you from claiming prizes for any other promotion.If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team!