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    There seems to be issues when purchasing crystal or buying VIP... By chance can we get an extension?
    Server : Kaymo Mountain
    Character : (S3)AlfredFTW
    Class : Hybrid STR Ranger
    Level : 100 Scion
    Guild : (S2)Dragonspine
    Be sure to check out :


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      GM's, I would absolutely LOVE to see this system permanently implemented into the game, as it was a huge help for me personally in getting some extra Morph Crystals while I was spending free crystals from offers on Pack Expanders (BTW, I managed to get 7 or 8 Pack Expanders this week, 3 yesterday and today alone, so you CAN and DO get good crystal for free IF you are willing to spend some time watching videos and visiting websites, of course, be smart and have a GOOD antivirus, malware, and spam protection going if you do). The videos aren't the issues here, it's the downloads and installs that will get you if you're unprotected from them Anyway, again, thanks for the promo and can we PLEASE have the update upcoming with a promotion for ONLY Morph Crystals??? They are just so bloody expensive on my server atm.


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        Uhmmm not bad.. .

        Server: Auora
        IGN: PNY
        Level : SCion Lvl 58
        Guild : EPicballs♥
        CLass: Rouge
        Type: Shadow/ kIller
        Pet: Baby CLub, Super Angel


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          pls make this permanent.. GM


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            i want this event back now is there any chance GM would make purpose for events tab>?