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[Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 3/14 Sever Update

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    Originally posted by Jayjoven11 View Post
    GM?? can u band leon in S1-S3 he scammed my 5d and gmut x1 and whip x1 and ew x1 and pc x1
    Lol, dont tell me he promised you clothes for gold and loot, and when you gave him the gold you didn't get the clothes. This is just like being scammed by the people in Nigeria. The call you and tell you that you won some money and they need your bank account info. People give them the info thinking they've won some money and their bank account gets drained. Suckers need to get stuff taken from them. It creates balance in the universe, lmao.


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      AWESOME events R2 thank you very much

      sure there is a few hiccups but i dont care im very happy

      just ignore some of these losers who ALWAYS complain


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        Originally posted by R2288716 View Post
        Never said the event was useless, but a lot of the stuff requires too much work for almost no pay. Lots of stuff requires items in large quantities. You need gmuts and ewings by the 1000's to produce results. With soul prints you don't need 1000's of them but at higher levels you need over 100 to make the next step. Pet breeding stones are an absolute ******* sick joke since this item is also extremely high fail and you need 10,000's of them to produce results. This is why pet breeding stones need to be in daily circulation in large quantities. Bind them if you have to, but put them into circulation.
        lol work? if u think the seeds need work u might as well stop playing this game. the seeds are the easiest to get. i go to sleep afk wake up 3-4 pages filled with seeds everyday


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          quiz? where?