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[Promotion] Angelfire Dragon Mount

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    Originally posted by R2CS_Pat View Post
    The player has spoken and we have responded! Anyway...we will actually be extending this promo for a few more weeks so all players will be able to grab this special mount.
    Glad it will be extended but our server in where i play is closing..maybe r2 can merge them here.


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      Originally posted by Botolminum View Post
      Because that one cost A LOT, lol...

      Forge Mount : Avernus Winged Dragon, Requirement : 100x Super Mount Procreation runes (gmut) , 100x Shard of Fate (soul shard), 20x Anima's Scale (Therion), Chance of Success : 5 %.

      One of my guildmates there already tried 30x, and still hasn't got it.
      u can buy a mount even better than that avernus. crystal legacy allow u to become god of the game itself lol. 500k+ MATK mage?? hell easy in CL.
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        COULD YOU PLEASE HAVE ANGELFIRE DRAGON ON LONGER I bought crystals for it and I haven't received them yet


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          Hey r2, if you have a 25% discount on crystals, I'll buy one for all my alts. The stats are low but with it being a 2 seater, higher def, great looking and most important the added speed, I think it is well worth having. The only thing I don't like about it is the x10 pc's to upgrade.

          Well, r2, you really got me good this time. I bought a couple of the mounts just to check them out and got hooked and bought them for all my alts. Since this game was starting to loose its excitement because of all the poor excuses for special events, I stopped all my vip's and just was going to play the game as a free player for now on but you introduced these mounts and really screwed up my will to stop paying for things. Oh well, I don't regret buying the mounts but I hope you don't do the same thing with a new pet that matches the mounts.
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            Originally posted by R2CS_Pat View Post
            Server: All Servers
            Duration: 4/18 – ???
            Description: Get your hands on the latest mount, the Angelfire Dragon! Available in the Item Shop, this limited-edition mount can be yours for just 1999 Crystal. The Angelfire Dragon offers the following stats:
            • Player HP: +8.0%
            • Player Attack: +8.0%
            • Player Defense: +26.0%
            • Player Healing +8.0%
            • Movement Speed: 250
            Awww looks pretty! ^_^
            Needs glitter though @_@
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