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[Activity] Fly… err, Climbing High!

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  • [Activity] Fly… err, Climbing High!

    Duration: 5/16 – 5/22 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Servers: All Servers
    Level Requirement: None

    Description: Pass through certain levels of the Crystal Ladder and be rewarded! Please head over to Ardhon the Guardian in the Tree of Life to claim your rewards. Each level’s rewards can only be redeemed once per day, and all items obtained are bound.

    Note: The bug from last week should not be an issue this week. Players should be able to collect rewards from each level!

    • Level 20:Dungeon Key x1, Red Dragon Coin x1
    • Level 30:Mount Upgrade Token x3, Dungeon Key x1
    • Level 40:Heroic Wings x3, Major Enchantment Crystal x2
    • Level 50:Heroic Wings x5, Mount Upgrade Token x3
    • Level 60:Ethereal Wings x3, Dungeon Key x2
    • Level 65:Ethereal Wings x5, Mount Upgrade Token x5
    • Level 70:Ethereal Wings x5, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x2
    • Level 75:Divine Feather x3, Greater Mount Upgrade Token x2
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    Lets hope the bug is in fact fixed.


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      Originally posted by Dysfunction View Post
      Lets hope the bug is in fact fixed.
      i hope so too
      Name: (S51)Aliceianna
      Server: Cimmerian Woodlands
      Class: Ranger Hybrid
      Plane: Eidolon
      Pet: Burning Angel (Gen 3), Demon King, and way more than i care to go into on here
      Level: 143+
      Honor Rank:Emperor
      Mount: Killin
      Guild: (S34)Rebels (General)


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        lv 50 reward should be better....hw n majors?? that worst than lv30 n lv20 is much better...dg key is more valuable n useful then 3 hw n 2 majors...


        • #5
          There are major ** rewards here. Come on muts and hwing get freaking real man
          Ign- (S2)xena6
          server-himeng valley
          class-Priest holy hybrid
          level- Eidolon 149
          honor rank-Emperor


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            is the bug fixed this time?
            Alexandriaa S41 lvl 70 Mage 1,223,430 Br (Vip5)

            LexÃ*Ã* S42 lvl 70 Hunter 1,299,090 Br (Vip7)


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              it is fixed i just did my ladder and got to claim all of them


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                Originally posted by bl4nkY View Post
                it is fixed i just did my ladder and got to claim all of them



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                  Very good thing this climbing is.
                  Never judge a book by its cover.


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                    Thanks R2 you've finally fixed it ^^
                    "Poison ? That's a merely dessert for a demon like me" - (S58)Mirajane


                    • #11
                      Just did my ladder. Was not able to collect on the floors I had already collected the previous day.

                      Ign: (S44)Euthanize
                      Guild: (J1)Philippines
                      Level: 150 Eidolon
                      Class: Support Priest.

                      I'm annoying.
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                        just did ladder and option to pick up rewards is not even there got up to lvl 43


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                          LOL me too i keep forgetting to claim the reward for 3 days xD
                          "Poison ? That's a merely dessert for a demon like me" - (S58)Mirajane