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[New Permanent Event] Screenshot of the Week!

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  • Mmmm... Nothing like a good pixel sandwich...yeah baby!


    • Server: (S45)Exenden Realm
      Name: GypsyAngel
      Class: mage (lvl 73-mortal)


      • Click image for larger version

Name:	looking for love 2.JPG
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Size:	442.6 KB
ID:	1664246

        Where did everybody go?
        Server: (S23) Angel Island
        Name: NiteAngel
        Class: Knight (97 Scion)


        • Tried doing it but everyone came. But still managed to do it.

          At least my wifey is still in front
          The only thing that will never change, is change itself.


          • Did someone order chicken? Hehe Click image for larger version

Name:	S43  Killer s Den CRYSTAL SAGA at
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Size:	193.7 KB
ID:	1664248

            A sweet rose from my sweet hubby Click image for larger version

Name:	Bloodfang.png
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Size:	149.8 KB
ID:	1664249

            Our hang out spot Click image for larger version

Name:	date.png
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Size:	819.9 KB
ID:	1664250


            • Server: (S43)Killers Den
              Name: Lupe
              Class: Scion Lvl 60 Priest ^^


              • It was my guildies' birthday and throw a torch party for him

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Captbday.JPG
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Size:	289.0 KB
ID:	1664258

                (S57)Dianara Click image for larger version

Name:	solo.JPG
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Size:	242.2 KB
ID:	1664259
                Last edited by rowrness; 02-08-2013, 03:28 PM.

                IGN : (S57)dianara
                Server : S57 Eternal Sanctum
                Level/Class : Scion Ranger (hybriiiiiid)
                Guild: (S57)NOBLES

                This is for Crystal Saga :p
                Problem unsolved here ? Click
                Take note then, :cool:

                Die in perspective way of being stubbed by MEANIEE people.. just SMILE tho :o


                • More of participating to this "Screenshot event", the following screenshots count a fairy tail, my fairy tail : The mariage of a young priest with an awesome ranger.

                  Since many months, we were dreaming of getting married together. (S27)Muna and (S22)Elessar

                  We met each other in september 2012, when I join the fabulous guild of Divine Angels.

                  After hours of seduction we start to get the same dream :

                  In november, what should happened happened : he ask me to be his wife. I can't explain how i was (and how i am) happy of his asking

                  We choose to wait the weekly event of valentine's week to get married. It les us the time to prepare our Royal Wedding.

                  Two days ago, we officialised it in Starglade:

                  We invit all our friends for a big party all together. And i use this post to thank them for their participations, their gifts and this good moment we passed
                  Thx to Rainne, MagicGirl, Holydarkness, Axis, Squintina, Arma, Socrates, Teddiebear, TrixieFairy, Belle, Hellish, Caia, Theta

                  Elessar, me and our friends inside a heart of fire :

                  Ty Elessar, for being your wife :

                  Server : (S27) Celestial Palace
                  IG name : (S27) Muna
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                  if you've never lost your mind, then you've never followed your heart


                  • goodbey guys thank you for everything
                    Attached Files
                    Class: Mage
                    Server:Windshear Peaks
                    Guild: (S6)SteinsGate
                    Proud player since 2011
                    ♥~Thank you for everything~♥


                    • why the UGC not working ??! "you were unable to log you in" >.<


                      • Click image for larger version

Name:	XDwe.PNG
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Size:	347.7 KB
ID:	1664288
                        my pet going to burn xD
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	caca.PNG
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Size:	38.8 KB
ID:	1664289

                        Server: (S42) Tinosia Delta
                        Class: Priest
                        Level: 30
                        Plane: Scion
                        Pet: Little Reaper


                        • For the Seinfeld fans


                          • Click image for larger version

Name:	valentine 2013-2.JPG
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Size:	44.2 KB
ID:	1664301

                            HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, MyLove
                            Name : (S1)DivasMG
                            Class : Hybrid Mage
                            Honor : Emperor
                            Server : (S1)Aurora Point
                            Plane : Eidolon
                            Spouse : (S2)CaesarMike
                            Guild : Legends


                            • I know V-Day has already passed but here's a late Happy Valentines Day greeting to all Here's me and my friend sitting beside a heart shaped rose garden
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	PlantingRoses.jpg
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Size:	65.9 KB
ID:	1664341Click image for larger version

Name:	HEARTS.jpg
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Size:	17.6 KB
ID:	1664342

                              Server: (S54)Netheran Realm
                              IGN: Levierre
                              Class: Priest (Hybrid)
                              Plane: Scion
                              Rank: Archduke
                              Guild: WISH

                              "When something bad happens you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you."


                              • Loud and Proud! We are Destiny Guild! Pic of us and our good friends who are often with us!

                                And double Mount fun! =3 Oh the randomness XD
                                IGN: (S4)Starflyer
                                Server: Wilterlands
                                Level: Eidolon (130+)
                                Class: Powah Ranger! (Anti w/heals)
                                Guild: EX (â€*Exorcistâ€*) Officer
                                Goal: To make people smile! â€*
                                I`m a friendly person ;3