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[Activity] Go for the Gold!

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  • [Activity] Go for the Gold!

    Duration: 8/16 - 8/22 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers

    Description: Who will be the ultimate Olympic champion? China? America? Will Great Britain come from behind to win it all? Watch those gold medal counters because players level 30 and higher will be able to redeem Olympic Packs based on the final American gold medal count of the 2012 London Olympic Games! For every ten gold medals, players may redeem one Olympic Pack. The medal count will be rounded off. If the final American gold medal count is 45, it will be rounded up to 50. In this case, players will be able to receive Olympic Pack x 5. If the final American gold medal count is 44, it will be rounded down to 40. In this case, players will be able to receive Olympic Pack x 4. Prizes may only be redeemed once.

    The final medal count will be known August 12th. The Quartermaster in Starglade will be set with the appropriate number of packs on the 16th. Prizes may be redeemed through the 22nd.

    Update - The London 2012 Olympic Games results are in! The United States took home the most gold medals with a total of 46 gold medals. China came in second with 38 gold medals, while Great Britain finished third earning 29 gold medals. With the United States finishing with 46 gold medals, players level 30 and above may visit the Quartermaster in Starglade later this week to retrieve FIVE Olympic Packs.

    Olympic Pack – Open this pack and receive the following items:
    • Gold Honor Badge x 1
    • Silver Honor Badge x 10
    • Bronze Honor Badge x 100
    • Olympic Spirit x 2

    Olympic Spirit - Apply and receive a buff, lasting for 30 minutes:
    • Movement Speed +10
    • Attack Speed +10%
    • Cast Speed +10%
    • HP Regen +30
    • MP Regen +30

    No offensive contents or your post will be deleted.

  • #2
    ok this is pritty cool just have to hope america wins and remember to clame the prize
    Name: (S51)Aliceianna
    Server: Cimmerian Woodlands
    Class: Ranger Hybrid
    Plane: Eidolon
    Pet: Burning Angel (Gen 3), Demon King, and way more than i care to go into on here
    Level: 143+
    Honor Rank:Emperor
    Mount: Killin
    Guild: (S34)Rebels (General)


    • #3
      I hope so..
      Looking for Husband :P

      Server: Seira Island
      Name: ElvenSniper
      Class/Job: Nature Ranger

      "ADD ME AS A FRiEND"


      • #4
        so everyone gets this?

        Shadow Guild
        Eidolon Rogue
        Angel Island
        Pets: FireLord, Burning Angel, Super Demon, Super Angel, Teeka, Bald Eagle, Baby Demon, Baby Angel, Bonosaurus, Demon King

        Mounts: Gryphon, Bunny, Alicorn, Battle Bear

        Shadow Guild

        Shadow Guild

        Only the weak pick on the weak :rolleyes:


        • #5
          Sooooooooooooooooooooo cool


          • #6
            so we wiill just get the pack for every 10golds that usa gets?kind of seems like freebie to me


            • #7
              Great Britain will come back from behind mwuhahahahaha
              Server: S2 Aymay Forest
              Character Name: Diamondheartღ
              Level: 80
              Husband: S10♥LoverBoy♥
              Guild: Unreal

              Server: S2 Aymay Forest
              Character Name: ✯MistyIce✯
              Level: 75
              Husband: zoolander
              Guild: Unreal


              • #8

                Server:Celestial Peaks
                Character name:CinevaRoman


                • #9
                  They told me that to make you fall in love with me, I had to make you laugh...
                  But everytime you laugh, I'm the one who falls in love...


                  • #10
                    there's no philippines !
                    IGN: (S29)Visayas
                    Server: The Molten Highlands
                    Class: Knight (Hybrid)
                    Honor Rank: Emperor
                    Current lvl: Eidolon 80+
                    Guild: (S6)Athena


                    • #11
                      Class : Ice mage


                      • #12
                        Japan Go Go Go !! Joking - I will bet for USA lol i heard they brought like 500 players o_0 ! XP
                        Last edited by R2CS_Coco; 08-10-2012, 02:01 AM. Reason: Offensive
                        CRYSTAL SAGA

                        Server: Cheurna Gorge
                        Lvl: Eidolon 150
                        Class: Ranger (Agi type LOL)
                        Pet : Burning Angel 3rd Gen, Demon King 3rd Gen
                        Guild: (S26)FTW

                        League of Angels
                        Server: [S141] Lake Nadir
                        Lvl: 75
                        Class: Berseker
                        Guild: Fairy Tale


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by AkiraKusano View Post
                          Japan Go Go Go !! Joking - I will bet for USA lol i heard they brought like 500 players o_0 !
                          lol. idk. the more prizes, the better. hope US wins

                          IGN: Thannia
                          Guild/Position: Runeflame/IceQueen
                          Class: Priest (Hybrid)
                          Level: 80+ (Eidolon)
                          Server: Kraken Beach (S33)


                          • #14
                            how sad. i bought this pack with 499 crystals


                            • #15
                              can all player claim it? Just woke up and doesn't understand a bit. all i know is we're all rooting for USA.
                              Server: Belas Chasm
                              IGN: PrinceRalph
                              Rank: Grand Duke
                              Class: Ranger [Nature Hybrid]
                              Level: 4*
                              Plane: Scion
                              Mount: Gorilla Titan
                              Guild: Genocide
                              Soul: 321