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[Announcement] New CS Server – Hellstorm – Going Live 06/06 @ 11:00 AM PDT

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    Originally posted by lDemonMirajanel View Post
    and what time is that in the Philippines i've never played PvE before O_O
    It's already in the post, It's 2am June 7 in your country?
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      Originally posted by DFinn View Post
      It's already in the post, It's 2am June 7 in your country?
      Well i dunno too lazy though O_O < but im not lazy leveling xD
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        One questio, Do any of you know if this Hellstorm map is atm in game?


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          Originally posted by balong_maiko View Post
          it seems that you are misunderstanding something. It's that im not complaining or anything and im just forecasting was is going to happen based on the behavior of the kids on this game.
          Not at all kid. Atleast they are bringing one out for you guys Stop QQ about it.


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            make it PVP SERVER pls pls pls


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              make it pvp server pls pls pls


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                thanks r2 for the new server, even if new server just next week but at least now we have certain of a new server ty r2games


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                  Originally posted by dodge00 View Post
                  make it pvp server pls pls pls
                  You have new server now stop whining -_- be grateful that they release new server -_- even though i want pvp i cant do anything about it, just play PvE you might like it -_-
                  "Poison ? That's a merely dessert for a demon like me" - (S58)Mirajane


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                    GM why PVE server....again?

                    I have waited so long for new server and i didnt even post in forum to beg for new server. I wait patiently days and days.

                    I was quite sure that it would be PVP this time.

                    I check the forum every week.

                    And findally today....I'm disappointed.




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                      Thank you guys, you really have been listening! Sadly, I might not be able to play as much as I usually can, since it's West. I'll see how I do, if I like it, I'll stay there.

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                        *prays* Hopefully you guys stop spamming now :-( Or else no food before going to bed! D:

                        Very busy lately, for any moderator help please PM me!

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                          Finally, I could return to playing Crystal Saga, but for a while. Good thing that it is West and PvE! If it was PvP and/or East I would not play Crystal Saga ever again. Can't wait till June 6th!
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                          M=Master. Seems like another way to say boss.
                          fg=Food, because we need it to live. Guardian, they protect you.
                          4J=4 is how old my daughter is when I created this account. J is the first letter of my last name.
                          **=All of my friends have this in their names.
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                            Stop complaining about PVP or PVE ♥♥♥♥! They gave us a new server! Be grateful! We all know that R2 is actually listening to our wishes for a new server!
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                              LOL! You create so many threads about a new server and when they actually release one you complain? Hahahaha! Pitiful
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                                yey even though is not PVP it's ok thanks ---- it's been too long