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[Activity] Card Swap

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  • [Activity] Card Swap

    Duration: 6/13 – 6/19 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement:40+

    Description: To celebrate Father’s Day this week, players can visit the Quartermaster in Starglade to receive a special Card Pack. The packs contain cards that players are free to swap with one another. Collect as many cards as possible and return to the Quartermaster to exchange them for a Pet Upgrade pack, which when opened will reveal a special item.

    Exchange Options (unlimited attempts):

    Click image for larger version

Name:	cardchart.jpg
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    What's inside the pet upgrade card.


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      Originally posted by donpepot View Post
      What's inside the pet upgrade card.
      Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
      ..a special item.
      Well, it does say Pet Upgrade, so assume it is Pet Rebirth Scroll/Training Potion/Maturity Whip, those kind of stuffs. You just have to figure it out when server is back up.​
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        since upgrade probably mcs


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          i hope it's mc! xD


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            Thought it might b legendary pet equips like last time


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	EP3PjI5.png
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              You're welcome.
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                Originally posted by shiroitsubasa View Post

                you're welcome.
                *o* great event
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                  alts to add to the exploiting! well at least some of these items will come down in price for a while.

                  Let out your rage on level 30 trading ---^


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                    Gotta go leveling up my alts to lvl 40 then
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                      Originally posted by ShiroiTsubasa View Post

                      You're welcome.

                      curious... what you get??? *.*
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                        multiple or surprise item... lol.. not true...


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                          These are the multiple items amount.

                          Morph Crystal x 3 --> Morph Crystal x 12
                          Pet Breeding Stone x 3 --> Pet Breeding Stone x 30
                          Maturity Stone x 5 --> Maturity Stone x 50
                          Pixie Upgrade Crystal x1 --> ???

                          Doesn't seem like there is any special item.
                          A werewolf, A wearwolf, A warewolf, Aware wolf.