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[Addition] NEW Pets: Emperor Demon and Guardian Angel

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  • 'Kay, Guardian Angel just looks GORGEOUS (I'm biased lol I'ma angel lover, sue me XD) but Emperor Demon...sorry, lil too flashy and glittery for mah taste lol
    Name: (S24)Gracia
    Server: (S24)Tundara
    Class/Lvl: Lvl 56 DPS/Support Hybrid Eidolon Priestess
    Guild: (S6)Elysium (Guildmaster)
    Spouse: Happily engaged to (S24)TooL (Lvl 100 Eidolon Fire Mage)

    How beautiful you look wrapped in the shadow of ecstasy...the glow of the dancing flames illuminating the chaos that shines through your innocent eyes, lying dormant in your twisted, tormented soul, the product of a world oh so cruel...let it shine, dear child, for it can set you free.


    • Took me 4 stacks for my pet to morph ...62 tries.
      Originally posted by iTz_SoN
      I will murder everyone I see in GR regardless of level.
      I treat all players equally - so they all die.


      • so, I think the NEXT pet if the GA and ED were to get more EPIC, should be Breed a GA and an ED to make something epic. Maybe Nephlym?!