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    should be a permanent event lol


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      PLEASE make this perm cos it actually makes it feel worth it when I buy xstals and I dont feel so bad spending my money on the game then

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      Only the weak pick on the weak :rolleyes:


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        Originally posted by GraviJa View Post
        ... therion pack 10k xtals ? really ? that's just u_u let's just say an uberjew price , im sure that if someone would buy an 8k xtals black dragon coins pack would most likely end up with more therions then spending 100 dollars on one single piece ...
        wrong, as I've experienced from the Clover seed event, 4 characters = 400 or so bdc = 0 therions. And it's not like you spend it just to buy it, it's a simple recharge of 10 k xtal, and you get a free therion pack. Of course i think it's still quite expensive.

        The event should be "permanent" (since they need to put the expiration date thing, it's renewed every week anyway in every other version), and the real event should be 2-3-4-5x point per crystal. (just like in other version)


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          that's why i love crystal saga
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            just saw this around 30 mins after the event was over.
            I could've purchased crystals last week, but I guess not anymore..
            I agree with [Botolminum], this should be permanent.


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              Making this permanent would be really awesome, or at least make the points unexpirable so if we have any extras left we can use them for the next time.
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                pls extend this


                • #23
                  Bring this back for anniversary week? Please.


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                    please bring this back !


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                      are the packs just a few or like 10x what's inside?


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                        Originally posted by Mrbingo View Post
                        are the packs just a few or like 10x what's inside?
                        Inside the pack holds 1x of the item. So for example the Baby Demon Egg Pack will give you ONE Baby Demon Egg when you open it.
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