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Crystal Saga Weekly Maintenance at 4 AM EDT on August 8th

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  • Crystal Saga Weekly Maintenance at 4 AM EDT on August 8th

    Servers S1-S3 (Aurora Point, Himeng Valley, and Kaymo Mountain) will be going down at 4 AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) on Thursday, August 8th. For those of you on the West Coast, this will be at Midnight PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). The rest of the servers are planned to go offline for maintenance at 5 AM EST (2 AM PST). Downtime is expected to last 3 to 4 hours, but could be shorter. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    UPDATE: Patch Notes are up everyone! You can find them here in this thread!
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    pls no more token events
    and hope u guys consider the above link this time and change back the timings and ya pls no more token events >.<


    • #3
      no more tokens can we pls get some new good events.


      • #4
        PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX PRIESTS SKILLS!! and pls no more tokens we wants some good new events pls
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          Considering the august token even is for the whole month, Im pretty sure there'll be tokens.

          and I , for one, am happy about it as I like getting myself soul shards and getting my alts black dragon coins Mama needs 6 more pack expanders

          I'd like to see some priest skills fixed. We have the biggest amount of bugged and/or poorly balanced skills and yet always last to have anything done about it :/
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          LVL 55 eidolon ice mage



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            I just want skills fixed....Knights skills dont add the %def they supposed to, and the Discipline Ring only pulls from range 150, instead of 300.


            • #7
              would be nice if order drop rate was upped waiting a week for orders is insane


              • #8
                Dear R2games... please ooohhh please fix these level 130 and 140 skills, they do not do what they are supposed to do... and token event im sure more then the majority of us are ready for new, worthwhle event ty
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                • #9
                  No more token events!
                  Bring back good friends pack or something.
                  Just no more tokens.


                  • #10
                    we would like some decent events like GMUT events and Dragon Essence events the token events are useless remove them


                    • #11
                      Possibly something worth staying up for? lol


                      • #12
                        Please fix Pierce Arrow 130 ranger skill.. its suppose to be stronger than improve paralyzing but its not.. i tried it many times
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                        • #13
                          posting here is surely too late for any suggestion to be implemented?


                          • #14
                            what will be the new event GM i wish it would be very nice

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                            • #15
                              Im sure we will find out very soon
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