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[Annoucement] Server Merge Scheduled for Tuesday, August 28th

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  • #16
    More Characters to Kill!! FUN!


    • #17
      GR is always empty so don't be disappointed if nothing changes there for you guys ^^;


      • #18
        whens the merge for Crimson groves ?
        Crystal Saga:
        IGN: [s50]Hiromi
        Server: Crimson Groves
        Lvl 56[Elidolon] DPS Tank - Viceroy
        Guild: CandyShop

        Lunaria Story:
        IGN: [62]Hiromi
        Server: Rushing Tide
        Lvl 69 Mage
        Might : 227k

        Proud To Be A Non Casher


        • #19
          More enemy,more fun and more friends =)


          • #20
            Kill them all. Sounds like fun
            IGN: Blade5132/Bloodytears
            Level: 70 Eidolon Hybrid Tank Knight/68 Eidolon Hybrid Support Priest
            Server: Tundara
            Guild: UnderWorld


            • #21
              `oh my.... @_@

              however, it sounds fun....

              go go Tundara/Molten... `
              (S24) Machie
              Class: Hybrid Knight
              Guild: (S24) GeneiRyodan
              (Guild Master)
              Server: Tundara
              (S24)BladeEye's Wife

              `the two most important days in your Life
              are the day you are BORN, and the day you find out WHY... - Mark Twain`


              • #22
                absolutely amazing! in case you cant sense the sarcasm, let me tell you im not very happy right now. here we are working our butts off to try to get these stupid anniversary coupons which, you may get one if you kill like 10 of those thieves, and you go and merge our server making it next to impossible for anyone except a few select players to get these coupons thus having a very limited amount of ppl to participate. i really hope you guys will make anniversary events some what attainable for the entire community who chose to play your game.


                • #23
                  more lag! haha


                  • #24
                    Lost my guild...what happend??
                    Please GM, need your help....Thanks

                    (S24) Sappphire
                    Class : Blood priest
                    Guild : (Persona - lvl 4 ....> disappear)
                    just join again Persona lvl 1
                    Server : Tundara
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