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[Activity] Blazin' Pumpkins

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  • [Activity] Blazin' Pumpkins

    Duration: 10/24 – 11/6 11:59 PM (Server Time)

    Description: Halloween in Vidalia isn’t only about scares and dark magic; the kinder spirits are bringing torches that have taken the form of Jack-o'-lanterns. From 12:00 – 18:00, five Jack-o-lanterns will be appearing throughout Starglade on instances L1 - L5, refreshing every 30 minutes. Track them down and bask in the glow of the EXP they bring!
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    so how long do these pumpkin torches last?


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      if it's like regular torches, it'd be 15mins.. but that would be weird if new spawn every 30min...


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        It seems to be 2min, which I can't find being worth it... I rather put that time onto doing dungeon runs or something else more productive.


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          this "event" is such a joke...
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            Who ever thought of this event should be publicly fired, then tied up to a post so we can stone him/her.


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              What an utter nonsense. What's even the point of setting up pumpkins for less than 3mins? It doesn't even fill up 5% of my exp. Why not simply give away some torches for free to the players? Would've done much better than that crappy 5 g torch girl.

              With token event ended already, practically no events is worth my time anymore


              • #8
                where can i find the event area