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[Promotion] Demon's Gifts

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  • [Promotion] Demon's Gifts

    Duration: 10/24 – 11/6 11:59 PM (Server Time)

    Description: For players who want to mix and match different Halloween promotional items, for the duration of the event, players can find special Demon's Gifts in the Item Shop. Prices and content are below!

    Demon's Gift I
    • Price: 999 Crystal
    • Contents: Crimson Werewolf x1, Haunted Halloween Broom x1

    Demon's Gift II
    • Price: 999 Crystal
    • Contents: Little Reaper x1, Haunted Halloween Broom x1

    Demon's Gift III
    • Price: 799 Crystal
    • Contents: Little Reaper x1, Crimson Werewolf x1

    Demon's Gift IV
    • Price: 1299 Crystal
    • Contents: Haunted Halloween Broom x1, Little Reaper x1, Crimson Werewolf x1

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    epic fail there are no events bunch of noob programmers
    Name: (S52)Shaz
    Server: (S52)Plethuran Plains
    Plane: Eidolon 149
    Class: Fire mage Hybrid Ice support
    Nobility: Emperor
    Pet: Guardian angel+13 Gen 3, Emperor Demon +13 Gen 3, Firelord +13, Golden teady +13 Gen 2, Ultresourus Rex +13
    Mount: Hellwing
    Guild: (S52)Elysium - Co-Guild Master
    Wings: Ultimate Demon lord +3
    Zodiac: Max
    Beast Soul: tiger
    Soul: 1138


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      event closed on S1-S3 fix bug please


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        why are the holloween events closed guys


        • #5
          events closed


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            Cant buy those.


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              Originally posted by sebastian1988 View Post
              Cant buy those.
              We know fate shop and events are down as far as new items are concerned.... Depressing if you ask me I was hoping to do some of the events before heading for bed
              Server -Kabam English
              Char Name - World
              Level - Eidolon lvl 98
              Class - Hybrid Dodge Build Rogue(combination of a few builds)
              Guild - Reality(leader)
              no longer playing


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                same old recycled events -.-