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[Guide] Tenets

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  • [Guide] Tenets

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    Click on the "Tenets" button to the right of the skillbar to get started. There are 5 components to each level of Tenet. As you learn additional components, you will gain progressively better attributes. Wisdom is consumed when learning components.

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    Wisdom can be obtained by using Pearls of Wisdom and Greater Pearls of Wisdom, available in the Shop for 30 Crystal and 1,100 Crystal, respectively. Players can also obtain Wisdom by participating in Crystal Ladder, Daily Hunt, and Delivery.

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    Click "Apply Wisdom" to learn new components. When all 5 components of a level of Tenet have been learned, the attributes gained will be saved. Players can then learn the components of the next level of that Tenet. There are 9 levels of each Tenet.

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    When you've learned all levels and components of a tenet, click "Master Tenet" to finish and move on to the next Tenet. There are 10 types of Tenets in total, including the Magic Tenet, Element Tenet, Nature Tenet, Mortal Tenet, Spirit Tenet, Regal Tenet, Oracle Tenet, Sage Tenet, Demon Tenet, and Holy Tenet.