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[Promotion] Point of Interest Discounts

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  • [Promotion] Point of Interest Discounts

    Duration: 11/28 – 12/11 11:59 PM (Server Time)

    Description: In return for the support of our devoted players, all items in the Point Shop will be given a discount. Points needed for a particular item in the Point Shop will be the same as Crystal needed for the same item in the Item Shop.

    But that’s not all! A limited edition mount, Gobbles, will be available for purchase for 799 Crystal in the Item Shop. Additionally, Mini and Large Thanksgiving Packs will also be up for grabs in the Item Shop.

    Large Thanksgiving Pack (399 Crystal) – Open to receive ALL of the following:
    • Black Dragon Coin x1
    • Greater Mount Upgrade Token x1
    • Promethean Feather x1
    • Soul Shard x1
    • Pearl of Wisdom x1

    Mini Thanksgiving Pack: Event Item (119 Crystal) – Open to receive ALL of the following:
    • November Token x1
    • Purified Crystal x1 (Bound)
    • Red Dragon Coin x1
    • Health Orb x1 (Bound)
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