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Crystal Saga Weekly Maintenance at 3 AM EST on January 2nd

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    TY for no event, im gonna Rebirth now, no event means can afk in whole week
    IGN: xSpade
    Server: zensho Island
    Class/Job: rogue


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      Originally posted by Jabus View Post
      give us a 25% rebate evnt and we all be happy
      Still waiting for this for past 4 months
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      • Guild: Edan
      • Mount: Hellwing
      • Pets: Demon King, Fire Lord, Teeka, Super Demon, Super Angel, Megasaurus, Gobbler~lol~

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        Originally posted by xshinn View Post
        TY for no event, im gonna Rebirth now, no event means can afk in whole week
        lol ... last time i rebirthed it was when they gave rewards for the specific levels ... imagine my frustration when they introduced that event just a day after i got reborn ... damn was i mad XD
        IGN : (DN1)Danny
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        Guild: (S26)FTW
        Pets: Teeka(gen2)+13, Baby Angel, Super Angel+13, Baby Demon, Super Demon+13, Gobbler, Crimson werewolf, Bone dragon, Boxing Bear and finally hatched a FIRE LORD O.o

        It's a nice thought to believe in a "next time". If it was a real battlefield, there wouldn't be a "next time" - Shiba Tatsuya (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei)
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          Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
          Sorry about all the servers going down, I just found out that the plan was to just do a quick reset so that way certain events don't have issues later in the week like they do when we skip a maintenance. Again, I apologize for not getting the correct information out to you all, someone in the office is going to be fed to the server hamsters as a lesson to the rest.
          weeping angels would be more fun
          Class: Mage
          Plane: Eidolon
          Honor rank: Emperor

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            iob glitch?


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              hope the hamsters are hungry


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                Originally posted by AzrealR21171400 View Post
                Still waiting for this for past 4 months
                25 % rebate ? you mean 25 % more xtal right ? I've been waiting for that too... I think it's almost half a year since the last one..... the packs are collecting dust in my vault + wasting space...