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[Promotion] The Goddess of Summer Offering

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  • [Promotion] The Goddess of Summer Offering

    Duration: 6/14 - 6/21 11:59 PM
    Servers: All Servers

    Description: The Goddess of Summer has returned and she is celebrating the summer with rewards for the noble warriors of Vidalia! During this promotion, use your Crystal to purchase items in the Item Shop and receive a number of unique rewards! Rewards are based on total Crystal spent during the duration of this promotion – NOT total Crystal purchased. Once you reach the requirements below, visit the Quartermaster in Starglade to receive your rewards! Example – Based on the chart below, if you spend 10,000 Crystal, you will receive Goddess’ Comfort x 4.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	goddess.png
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ID:	1731759

    Goddess’ Comfort – Open it and you will randomly receive ONE of the following items:
    • 4x Offline EXP Token x 20
    • Torch x 3
    • Maturity Stone x 30
    • Heroic Wings x 30
    • Morph Crystal x 20
    • Wheel of Fate

    Goddess’ Support – Open it and you will randomly receive ONE of the following items:
    • Torch x 5
    • Pet Breeding Stone x 30
    • Red Dragon Coin x 16
    • Great Mount Upgrade Token x 20
    • Super Angel x 1
    • Super Demon x 1

    Goddess’ Glory– Open it and you will receive the following items:
    • Ethereal Wings x 45
    • Morph Crystal x 36
    • Dragon Crystal x 35
    • Great Mount Upgrade Token x 45
    • Superior Gem Coupon x 3
    • Pixie Upgrade Crystal x 35
    • Greater Phoenix (7 Days)
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    i bought 60k xtal last 4 days.................................and now here is the events..............
    | Bloody Evil Priest |


    • #3
      casher **** again


      • #4
        ok this is not bad but if i get 4xoffline tokens im gonna shoot someone cause the vadalia pack only gave me that **** -.-


        • #5
          i hate u r2
          | Bloody Evil Priest |


          • #6
            yay =3 and it goes for a whole week this time...


            • #7
              casher event. T.T imma cherish the non-casher event..
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              Honor: Marquis (halfway to Duke)

              BOREDOM KILLS


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                what a suprise stuff for the cash players once again need to start thinking of others that dont have so much money like the cash players
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                • #9
                  u dont even need to worry cause u need to spend money again to get it i spend 120$ and i cant even get this and i have vip and everything and its telling me i spend 0xtals wanna fix that R2 cause i know i have spend at least 11000xtals on this game over the 2weeks on the server sullen dunes


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                    @iamspacelyy - i think you have not read the event description properly. please reread again before you make such comment.


                    • #11
                      damn change this useless event or something to something better this is basically telling u spend money for it to cashers and dont add up what u spend already

                      its still a useless event its just telling cashers to spend money for it so my comment to it stands on it not all cashers can get everything in a week u know
                      Last edited by BrotherVT; 06-14-2012, 05:31 AM.


                      • #12
                        Some cashers can, some cashers can't

                        Oh well. Spending Crystals like this has always been a common event ever since the game was released on R2G's Platform.

                        Why complain now about it when it's been going on for just about every 1-2 weeks?
                        The King doesn't fall so easily boys


                        • #13
                          Regardless of who you are, this is a very subpar event, please stop spamming us with it


                          • #14
                            people who do the free offers can claim a few packs with a little work. i claimed a few today doing a couple surveys and stuff. these events have always been around...and they seem like they benefit only the cashers....but its probably thanks to events like these making the admins alot of money...that they don't mind releasing things like therions and other items free for all to earn in events. we need to spend a little to make a spends = admins need to keep trying to sell premium stuff and can't really give it away free once in a while without suffering a loss of profit which in turn would affect all cashers and non cashers alike.


                            • #15
                              Guys where can i get the vidalia pack