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[Activity] March Token Exchange

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  • [Activity] March Token Exchange

    Duration: 1/27 - 3/31 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 20+

    Description: For those of you who follow the Zodiac, the month of February saw the beginning of the year of the Horse. But March? March comes in like a lion! For the following month, you can collect March Tokens through a number of different events and then trade them in for all sorts of valuable items at the Quartermaster.

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    Note: The February Token Exchange has been extended to February 28th at 11:59 PM!
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    No DF or PF again? When are they going to be added back? Seems like token events are getting less and less choices for rewards lately.


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      it says MC in description..... but theres no option to exchange for mc in the game


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        ***! This is ******* **.. Its never ending monthly tokens!!!
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          i like the token becaus of the firelord eggs wish they add at lest some old pets or mounts to the list or pow


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            Hope St. Patrick's clover event doesn't blow. Otherwise, tokens are end-game..


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              I saw the new page to stable, yet for non-cashers like me (fininacially unable to cash), could we get some stable expanders in token exchange like you did with pet slot expanders that one time? It can be a 5 or 10 token item and for us players who play for enjoyment, not super competition, it would be awesome. (Yes there are still casual gamers who play, who meet and just have fun in game and slowly get stronger) Stable expanders are very expensive, even if you are going for free xtal via the ads (some are iffy x.x) and I haven't seen anyone selling them in the market for over a year. HOpefully, with this addition some more may appear, but I ponder what the selling price will be e_e.

              Not that it's something I'd expect to see right away, since you can generate income from the stable expander purchases for this current addition, but possibly in an upcoming token event? Just a thought.
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                would be great if its like before with mounts, costume, Divine Feathers, rune protection and such
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                -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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                  Originally posted by Caia_R21125326 View Post
                  would be great if its like before with mounts, costume, Divine Feathers, rune protection and such
                  I agree i am missing the Divine Feathers and Runes of Protection Plus the mounts and costumes was a really good way for none casher to get them
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                    Pet Slot Token

                    Please put pet slot token in next month coin exchange it been almost a year since i have seen it in there,or at least give a free pet slot token to people who BUY a new pet! Thank You

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                      Gimme!! Gimme!! Gimme!! thats all anyone ever says, its quite annoying. Pet slot expanders r rare drop from sloth lvl 4 Treasure Trove. Now go farm ur own.


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                        Would <3 to see Rune Protection Stones back on the token exchange.


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                          25 tokens for 1 gold badge. ***!?!?!? Do you think we're stupid? Putting that as one of the prizes is insulting! There's so much contradictory content on this game it's mind numbing. Originally I could use 1 gold badge, 2 silvers, and 30 bronze to get I Greater Mount Token (GMT), but then there's Survival of the Fittest and if I get 1st I can either get 1 gold badge or 5 GMT. Now the token exchange has GMT are 1 per token and the gold badge is 25 tokens! What kind of message are you guys sending to the gamers with this junk? Are you game operators trying to make people mad, or you guys just dumb? I also noticed how past monthly exchanges had some of the new system items on them. Why not put some of that on there? People don't have a reason to cash the new systems because they can do everything they need to with what they have. Yes, a few will always try to be the strongest on the server and spend any amount to maintain that, but the vast majority of players will get VIP and only cash a little, so dropping system after system that are cash only is pointless.
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                            As i see maints cross by and no new events come out as mad as that makes me i can understand it on a certain degree! But the easiest thing to do would be to change at least the rewards! Plz no more Soul Prints , Heroic Wings and Muts!! It's time to see some divines , pearls and such come around!


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                              Tokens are good for soul shard farming, although i would like to see more interactive events like new battlegrounds etc.

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