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[Guide] Divine Souls

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    i said earlier i'm not opposed to a taste or a trickle of items from shop to players,my problem is if items wasn't bound and accessable to farmers then what? u'd have np with that tho correct,so in essence u'd have np with getting free what us cashers paid thousands for? sound about right? i don't understand why ppl QQ about cashers,its not like we getting anything free,we pay alot for things and yall act like its not fair... cuz u don't get it? so u tell me how its fair we shell out thousands and u should farm them freely? i don't want a unbalenced game but i don't want what i paid big bucks for given away to alt farmers for free either,if u can't see that then i'm done talking to u on this subject...


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      It's not for free if they invest lots of time and effort to farm the stuff You get it much faster and with less effort.


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        Originally posted by akokonvict4d View Post
        I equipped another HOE and the only stats it gave me was 1% crit rate. Shouldn't it give part of all the stats on it?
        I did the same? It's a little confusing?

        Originally posted by sangofighter View Post
        If only r2 would just add new system items into Tokens or into events/activites and least entice us to taste the new system, they would probably do better in terms of sales. Now it just looks like people are window shopping in a mall and if you try to open the door its locked.
        NIce idea
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          Put some flawless garnets in your 2nd HoE for another 1% crit xD

          Confirmed: Gems with VALUE attributes do work in Divine, with Percentages don't.

          So yep, garnets ;P


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            bring soulstar back on token exchange #06
            IGN : (S52)chixYORR

            Dont let your DREAMS just be dreams ♥♥


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              What is the max level for divine soul ?, game wont let me upgrade anymore. thanx
              nevermind, found the problem.
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                Have no idea


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                  It only gives the white stats of the item?