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[Activity] 2x Dungeon Challenge

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  • [Activity] 2x Dungeon Challenge

    Duration: 3/27– 4/2 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 25+

    Description: If you love dungeons, you’ll love this event. For the following week, daily attempts for all dungeons are doubled. Note that this does NOT include bonus VIP attempts.
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    more dc
    IGN: (S30)im2wek
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    Level: 131
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    Server: (S30)Altar of Sacrifice
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      Or they decreased dc drop rate lol but more items though, so nice.
      IGN: Heiko
      Guild: Athena (S6)
      Server: Windshear Peaks (S6)
      First Guild: Oblivion (S6)
      Level: 92 Scion
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        Im pretty sure drop rates decreased -.- now i have to spend more time to get less... just put it back to 5


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          Love how people alway seem to forget that 2X attempts means 2X the PC 5 runs in EH=35PC so VIP can get 94 PC a day...just takes a while...and DC drop rates don't seem much different to me...even though I'm finding more DE during this event than before...
          >, ,<
          IGN: (CS1) (S80)Tannlaus LV178 Eidolon Rogue
          Prom I wings... so expensive... especially if you keep forgettin corrupt :D
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          Somany little time...
          If you wanna know why I went with a Rogue well... Stealth is good for lurking in chat while still runnin through SG :cool:


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            de and dc drop rates r the same yey but no time to farm all duns with all alts
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